Architecture and Australia sound like two words you wouldn’t expect to go together. Australia isn’t usually the first choice for the study destination of budding architects. But if you are an aspiring architect, it’s time to consider Australia among your top choices.

There are many compelling reasons to choose Australia as your study destination. Australian universities are world-class, securing ranks at the Times Higher Education. The country also provides extensive protection through the Education Services for Overseas Students Act.

Those who dream of becoming architects can expect growth in academic agility in Australia. Moreover, they can have access to its promising job market. 

Apart from these things, why study architecture in Australia? Here are more reasons why:

Home to World-Class Universities

The land down under boasts globally recognized universities that offer architecture programs. In the QS universities subject ranking in 2020, 15 Australian universities landed in the top 250 universities for architecture.

Here are some of the best Australian universities where you can take architecture:

Competitive Study and Living Costs

Another consideration for a study destination is the study and living costs. There are other more affordable countries such as Malaysia, but costs in Australia are also reasonable. 

To offset these high expenses, you have many scholarship options to choose from. You can learn more about these scholarships in the next section.

A bachelor’s degree in Australia takes three years to complete. During this period, expect to pay AUD $96,000 to AUD $135,000 in tuition fees.

As an international student, you also have to pay for visa applications and other requirements. Visa fees cost around AUD $575, while an English language test ranges from AUD $300 to AUD $340.

The average annual cost of living for a student in Australia is AUD $21,000. This includes monthly expenses such as food, rent, and transportation. For special utilities like the internet, expect to add around AUD $120 more to your budget.

Availability of Scholarships

If you find that the study and living costs are too much for you, Australia has a solution. Instead of taking out a student loan, you can apply for scholarships.

Scholarships are widely available for international students in Australia. The value you get depends on the scholarship provider.

For example, the Melbourne Mobility Award Students Grant grants a value up to AUD $10,000. Meanwhile, if you’ve been granted an International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship, your full tuition is waived.

Access to Many Career Opportunities

Australia is also a wonderful destination to launch your career. The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia or AACA reported that over 13,000 enterprises hire architects in Australia. 

Moreover, there is a skill shortage in architects, as per Australia’s Department of Skills Education and Employment. Skill shortage often leads to higher wages among architects.

An architect can earn from AUD $89,000 to AUD $94,000 every year. Salary varies depending on when you work and your position. For example, an Architectural Manager can even earn up to AUD $105,000 annually.

There are plenty of wonderful reasons to take architecture in Australia. If you’re curious to find more programs in the country, see our list of programs here at MSM Unify.

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