Together We Scale Your Business and Build Students’ Future

Through our customer-first approach, we strive to delight you and your own customers and make studying abroad no longer a far-off dream but a reality

Student mobility faces a bright tomorrow, but not without challenge. Everything from policy changes to the lasting aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic can stunt its growth. While there is remarkable industry growth with millions of international students getting on their study-abroad journey every year, outdated recruitment practices and infrastructure just wouldn’t cut it anymore.


In the one-click digital economy, our mission is to open doors for every stakeholder in the sector
Escape the black hole of recruitment and its clunky, paper-based processes, manage their agent network online, and get better results from their marketing budget
Advise their students from a large program inventory pool and automate their business for more rewarding earnings


Make wise, informed choices on studying abroad, where they spend a life-changing amount of money and rely on for their future

MSM Is Designed With the Customer in Mind

MSM started as a spin-off of a conventional education agency. When it was launched in 2012, it sought to leverage its agency experience to address unfulfilled needs in the market, especially among smaller, more remote colleges that found it difficult to recruit international students.
Today, this global organization is powered by more than 250 professionals, helping solve the pain points of Colleges and Universities, Agents, Counsellors, Students, and Parents in the international education space.

Market-Leading Solutions

We address their varying needs through innovative solutions such as agent management, on-ground marketing, lead generation and digital marketing, application pre-screening, pre-departure briefings, webinars and in-person networking summits, staff internationalization, education management, pathway programs, market intelligence, public-private partnerships, curriculum development, technology tools and platforms for greater productivity and ease of doing business, and more.
Our passion lies in opening doors in international education. At the core of our methods are innovation and a disruptive spirit.



Sanjay Laul

CEO and Founder, Edupreneur,
Strategic Partnership & Global Vision Builder
Sanjay founded MSM in 2012 with a singular optimism that there is room for growth and global or in-country representation in the international education space. The first-generation edupreneur has a vision to change the landscape, dreaming of a unique, risk-free, transparent model to bridge higher education institutions closer to their target students in India, Africa, and elsewhere in the world.
This paved the way for MSM, which builds global and in-country offices and offers a whole suite of solutions to colleges and universities as well as their dedicated agent networks.
Today, his drive to build sustainable models through common-sense insight, customize solutions for global student recruitment, and create a culture of innovation has led to MSM-owned and developed edtech platforms for the present and future.


One of our key objectives is to help diversify our partner institutions’ campuses with the world’s diverse, growing pool of students. From South Asia to North Africa to developing countries in between, there is no shortage of eager learners who want to earn their diploma or degree abroad.
We aspire for the same level of diversity in our ranks.
MSM is a company of thinkers, doers, and builders who bring diverse ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives to the company. These diverse perspectives come from our unique differences in race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, cultural background, and life experiences. This diversity shapes our internal training and development, as well as shapes our future talent sourcing, to better service our customers.