Campus Connect Webinar: How Has COVID-19 Affected International Education?

Campus Connect Webinar about COVID-19

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to grip the world, around 79 percent of the 3,650 students from some 55 countries surveyed said they are still considering pursuing international education. With this in mind, MSM Unify once again conducted a Campus Connect webinar, this time focusing on international education in the time of COVID-19.

Casita and MSM Unify: Braving the Storms and Coming Out Stronger

Starting out as a company catering primarily to the Southeast Asian region, Casita has grown into a global company with three main hubs across the globe—Bangkok, Thailand; New Delhi in India; and Cairo in Egypt. These are complemented by a presence in more than 10 countries with around 1.2 million rooms and housing units.

Intl Ed Trailblazers and Vision Makers

As countries start reopening their borders to welcome international students back into their academic institutions for on-campus classes, there is a renewed and revitalized focus on student recruitment and how agents can be an instrument bridging higher education institutions (HEIs) to international students around the world.

What You Need to Know About the GTE

Australia is among the top destination countries for international students to gain premier education that would prepare them for their entry into the job market. Studying in Australia means completing the General Temporary Entrant (GTE).