If you are planning to study in Russia as an international student, there’s a big chance that you may be required to know Russian, unless your chosen program is taught in English. 

Moreover, in case you are required to do so, you can prove your Russian proficiency by taking the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, or TORFL (TRKI in Russian). 

Read below to know more about Russia’s language certification test, TORFL.

What is TORFL? 

TORFL is an international exam that helps foreigners in assessing their level of proficiency in the Russian language. 

It also has different tests that use current and relevant vocabulary for different fields or topics such as business, tourism, and so on. 

Russia began offering the test in 1995. 

It was designed by various institutions in Russia including Saint Petersburg University, the People’s Friendship University of Russia, Pushkin Institute, and Lomonosov Moscow State University. Eventually, those institutions also became the testing consortium in charge of designing test materials and issuing certificates to TORFL test takers.

Who Can Use TORFL? 

TORFL is specifically made for foreign nationals. 

For students, a TORFL certificate may not be required to apply in a Russian institution, and the requirements differ per institution. However, it will still be useful if you take a study program whose medium is Russian. Aside from the certificate proving your capabilities, the test makes use of vocabulary used in universities. 

Aside from students, foreign individuals planning to study in Russia, especially in jobs where language proficiency is necessary, can also use the test to increase their chances of getting a job. 

TORFL’s Test Levels and Structure

TORFL covers six levels. However, only four of them can be certified. 

The test lasts around 3.5 hours or more, with each test level covering the following: 

Moreover, test takers can choose between paper or computer-based tests. 

Where Can You Register and Take the Test? 

You can register and take TORFL in accredited testing centers in the US, Asia, Europe, and Africa, as well as former Soviet countries. You can also register and take it in Russia. 

After choosing the test center where you will take the exam, you can contact them via phone or mail to get an application form. 

The fee may also vary per test center or level, so make sure to check them before returning your completed application form. 

Russia’s language certification test, TORFL, is the only one of its kind. Unlike English, where there are different types of proficiency tests students can choose. 

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