Having an art degree is your quickest avenue to a world of unending creativity. It doesn’t lead you into one specific field but rather expands your horizon for creative expression. 

Many ignore a bachelor of arts degree, insisting that it’s an impractical career choice with no clear direction for professional growth. But unlike you, they lack the imagination to explore the enumerable opportunities in Arts.

On its own, the arts is an industry that cultivates purposeful use of passion. As a specialization, art is a practice of skills in aesthetics, form, psychology, history, and transformation. 

There are plenty of careers in the arts. Here are some job roles you can take with a bachelor of arts degree:


Photography is storytelling in still form. It’s the practice of capturing strokes of light, a juxtaposition of subjects, and manipulation of space and height.

Photography is a great way to demonstrate skills in seizing important moments. As an art graduate, your skills in lighting techniques, spatial illusion, and subject selection would be integral in photography.

Photographers can work in various fields such as fashion, journalism, and business. With the right equipment and tools, you can even start your own photography business.

Graphic Designer

There’s always a talented graphic designer behind every powerful visual image. Graphic designers are tasked to make an impact and communicate meaning using visual elements.

A graphic designer identifies the needs of a client and translates them into a set of designs. With this job, you can be tasked to design creative assets like a company logo or typography. 


Illustrators often work in a variety of formats and mediums such as digital illustration. They must also demonstrate knowledge in computer-based tools, specifically in computer-aided designs (CAD). 

As an illustrator, your duties would revolve around communicating messages into illustrations. You can work for a firm or embark on a freelancing journey as an illustrator. 

Interior Designer

Interior design involves the complete transformation of a space. Working as an interior designer would fuel your resourcefulness by drafting concepts based on a set budget. 

Interior design goes beyond the beautification of interiors. In this profession, you have to put yourself in your client’s shoes and perceive their needs for livable space. 

Interior design is a competitive field and has been a reputable business for many years. If you want to become a designer, you must build a portfolio of your creative output and join apprenticeship programs.


Animation requires an individual to balance artistic skills with technical knowledge. Animators create frames that when pieced together produce a moving image called animations.

This job doesn’t rely on creativity alone, so you need to develop technical skills in animation tools and techniques. To start a career as an animator, strong attention to detail and effective storytelling skills are a must.

Having an art degree can bridge you to many wonderful careers in creative expression and production. If you want to learn more art-related jobs or are still looking for the right degree to pursue, look through our programs here on MSM Unify. 

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