Learning the transportation system in the UK is like mental training. You have to know where certain streets lead and study the means to get there. As a foreigner, navigating the UK roads will bring an alienating sensation. Fortunately, we have a guide to help you get over these obstacles.

Transportation modes in the UK are pretty common and universal. You can expect to see these public conveyances anywhere else in the world. If you’ve been on some of these rides in the past, you’ll have a generally pleasant experience. 

You can try various options from the mass transport system to private rides. Here are the different types of transportation in the UK:


For regular travel, the bus is your best option for convenience and budget. You can hop on a bus to do your monthly groceries or see other places within the city.

You can buy a bus ticket from the driver once you board a bus. But some bus companies require you to get a ticket in advance. You can usually get tickets online or at bus stations.

To save on bus travels, you can use your student discount car or better yet, get a bus pass. There are various types of bus passes in the UK, each offering unique benefits at varying costs.


Trains are the best transport for intercity travel. The UK boasts an excellent railway system that reduces travel time while maintaining comfort.

By boarding trains, you can get from London to Cardiff in under two hours. This allows you to enjoy more time traveling around railway-connected UK cities.

If you’re a full-time student, you can get the 16–25 railcard that can save you money. You can also book in advance or get season tickets for a lower price.


There are two types of taxis you can get in the UK. First, you can get black cabs that are ubiquitous in major cities such as London. You can get black cabs on the streets or in a waiting stand. You can also book them in advance for more special travels.

The second one is mini cabs. You can request a mini can through phone calls.

Taxis are a more expensive transportation option but they’re safe and comfortable. Make sure to only use services recommended by your university.


Cycling is a fantastic option to travel around the city. It’s also very popular among UK residents, particularly students.

In cities such as London and Liverpool, there are cycle renting schemes. You can visit a cycle docking station and rent a bike for 24 hours. This is perfect for students on a budget and wants to get to places the buses and trains can’t reach.

Rental Cars

If you’re a licensed driver and want to experience the roads on your own, consider renting a car. This is a great option especially if you want to travel to far places for a long period.

To rent a car, you must have a valid driver’s license. You must also follow certain conditions from the car owner to ensure the vehicle’s safety.

Studying in the UK and want to adjust as soon as possible? We have plenty of resource materials here at MSM Unify to help you during your stay. You can start by reading our student blogs to aid you in your study journey.

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