Home to the fashion capital of the world and fashionable seaside resorts, France is without a doubt a nation of sophistication. France is filled with classic cathedrals, castles, and beautiful sceneries that delight the romantics.

Most people dream of going to Paris. See the art pieces at the Louvre. Behold the world-renowned Eiffel Tower. Feel like royalty at the palaces. Go on a gastronomical adventure with French cuisine that has been included in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

France is like no other. Listed below are some of the best places you should visit when you study in the country:

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is first mentioned for a reason. One of the most famous tourist destinations in the world and the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower was built as an exhibit for the World Fair of 1889. It was designed by Gustave Eiffel and stands 320-meter high. Back then, it was loathed by many critics but is now a beloved landmark of Paris.

Dubbed as the “Iron Lady,” the tower has a delicate airiness in spite of its enormous size and is surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views in each of its three levels. 

Louvre Museum

France’s Louvre museum ranks among the top collection of fine arts in Europe. The Louvre is home to world-famous works such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci, and a lot more.

This tourist-favorite museum has an impressive collection of 35,000 art pieces with valuable masterpieces, impossible to view all in a day or even a week. Make the most of the artistic experience in the museum by hiring a guided tour.

Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is way beyond an ordinary royal residence as it is built to show off the French monarchy’s glory. This palace became the symbol of the absolute power of Louis XIV. Jules Hardouin-Mansart designed the facade and interior of the Château de Versailles, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site today.

This attraction is equivalent to Les Jardins with formal French gardens, pools, and fountains. It has a hall that sparkles with sunlight through its reflected windows.

Loire Valley Châteaux

Traveling across the Loire Valley is like living in a fantasy, out of a children’s storybook. Also listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Loire Valley is an enchanting countryside of river valleys with castles and towers.

Alsace Village

Alsace is home to the prettiest villages in France where the Vosges Mountains border Germany’s Rhine River. The houses in the Alsace village are pastel in color, half-timbered, and around small parish churches.


Located in the country’s northeastern coast, Brittany is a historic region with a rugged coastline, weathered seaports, and quaint fishing villages. This region is influenced by the Celtic and is believed to be a land of myths and legends.

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