Students have the freedom to choose the major that best suits them. Whatever it may be, do not choose a course only because it is the easiest for you or it is the one that your friends chose. When you do this, you cheated on yourself and wasted the opportunity for self-discovery.

Listed below are the top college majors that were chosen by most students to help them be equipped with the skill sets they need to pursue their dream careers.

Computer Science

Computer science is a favorite course by many. It enables a student to learn all about computers, its systems, applications, even how it fits into a business setup. There are a lot of aspects you can tap into like artificial intelligence, robotics, numerical analysis, programming languages, and gaming technology.


Students who excel in communications are great storytellers majoring in communications. If you chose this as a major, you’ll spend a lot of time on speeches and scripts in different fields of communications, may it be on print or speech. Discover knowledge about verbal and nonverbal messages and other effects attributed to communication environments. Communications majors are known to have bold and fiery personalities.

Political Science

Political science is an interesting, timely, and life-changing discipline. While it makes you be updated with the current events and politics of the government, it also helps you develop to think critically, speak well, and learn history. PolSci majors focus on areas like foreign affairs, public philosophy, political philosophy, and more. Prepare yourself for tons of reading and writing.


Do you think you excel in a corporate setting? Improve your decision-making, number solving, communication, and sales skills when you choose to be a Business major. This major is built on a foundation in the theories and principles of marketing, statistics, finance, economics, human resource, and accounting. The business industry is competitive, so you need to be smart on how to plan, budget, organize, direct, control, and manage different people and organizations.


Economics involves individual, business, and government choices on how they choose to spend their time and money, allocating resources. Be ready for a lot of maths, analysis, and critical thinking. Your role as an Economics major is to know the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

English Language and Literature

Being a book lover is an edge when you choose to study this course, especially classic books like Shakespeare’s or Edgar Allan Poe’s. Learn the components, style, and elements of these classical writings. You will also grasp a wide array of works of fiction from literature throughout history. This major will help sharpen your mind to be more creative, critical, and emotional. If you graduate as an English major, you may have a future in areas such as journalism, law, and more.

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