While studying in New Zealand, you need a comfortable and safe place to stay. Apart from on-campus accommodations, you can also opt for private accommodation.

Many international students consider apartment renting in New Zealand. The Kiwis call this act “going flatting”. Most students are in it for privacy and better levels of comfort.

You can find plenty of vacant apartments from realtors. Most of these apartments are near universities so distance isn’t a big concern.

It’s important that you make the right choice in choosing an apartment. Here are more factors to consider when renting an apartment in New Zealand:

Apartment Furnishing and Inclusions

When looking at potential flats, you must first read the apartment’s description. This part usually states the number of rooms, bathrooms, and full kitchens an apartment has. This would also cover the current furnishing of the house.

Other apartments offer small kitchen appliances. Some even come with a washing machine, refrigerator, and even a TV set. 

Find an apartment that offers all the furnishing and appliances you need. Just ensure that it’s at a reasonable price for what it offers.

Bills That Your Monthly Rent Cover

Ask the landlord if your monthly rent is solely for the apartment alone or not. Most apartments include other bills with the basic monthly rent. These bills often include internet, gas, electricity, and water.

Knowing this will help you find which apartments offer the best value. If the rent is high but covers utility and internet bills, it may be a smarter choice. 


Another thing to consider when renting an apartment is your roommate/s. Staying in a flat on your own is great but having a roommate has benefits too.

First, you can save on the rent by splitting it. Second, you can switch tasks around the flat like household chores. And third, having a roommate is much safer and actually more fun.

Consider asking a friend if they’re willing to share a flat with you. You can also post online that you’re looking for a roommate. Just remember to exercise caution when entertaining offers.

Obligations and Responsibilities As Tenant

Signing a contract means you agree to perform all the duties assigned to you as a tenant. This means you’ll have certain obligations to do your part of the deal. 

It may be your responsibility to clean and maintain the house. During tougher weather, it may also be your duty to protect the house and repair certain damages. 

Remember to ask about these things before committing to an apartment. Most of these obligations are stipulated in the contract too.

Security Deposit and Lease Length

Most landlords ask for a deposit to reserve an apartment. The deposit amount varies so it’s best to ask the landlord directly.

Apart from the deposit, inquire about the lease length too. Does it go for one month, one year, or longer? 

There are several factors you need to consider when renting an apartment in New Zealand. Find out more tips about going flatting in New Zealand through our stories here at MSM Unify.

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