After receiving your acceptance letter from a German university, it’s time to start looking for living space. Here’s a quick guide to Germany’s student accommodations.

Things to Consider 

Before you can start looking for a place to stay, keep in mind that Germany’s student accommodations might cost a lot and that it is the responsibility of a student to arrange their own accommodation. 

With those things in mind, here are some things to consider when looking for a place to stay: 

Funding Your Stay in Germany

Tuition fees in Germany maybe some of the most affordable in the world. However, since it’s a wealthy country with a high quality of living, expect a high cost of living too. Thus, before going to Germany, it would be wise to have already planned how to fund your stay there. You can set aside enough money, or apply for a scholarship. 

Germany has a lot of scholarship programs that international students can apply for. Some of the prominent ones are the following: 

Accommodation Types

Student Residence 

Many universities have their own student residences and are usually cheaper than renting outside the campus. Student residences are usually housed with shared rooms and communal areas. According to DAAD, a room in a student residence costs around EUR246 per month. 

Due to its affordable price and accessible location, student residences are also popular with students. Thus, it is important to secure a room as soon as you get your acceptance letter. 


Some students, they may choose to live on a rental because on-campus residences may be too restricting for them, or they’re not able to secure a room. Another option is to move to a rented flat. For many students, to pay less, they look for a flatshare, a place where several students can live together, each with their own rooms, but with communal areas such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and so on. A flatshare rent may cost around EUR363 per month. 


For students who will only be staying for a limited period or haven’t found a better accommodation yet, they can look for a temporary place to stay. Germany’s student accommodations also include interim options, including the following: 

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