pros and cons of living off-campus as a student

Another decision to make before stepping into your chosen study destination is your lodging. Whether you want to stay in a dorm or far from your school, it is mainly up to you to decide.

Living outside of campus may be an exciting experience for first-timers. It can give great benefits but can also be overwhelming. Listed below are a few pros and cons to consider before choosing to live off-campus. 

The Pros


You will have a sense of freedom when you live outside of campus. This includes freedom in choosing where you want to live, what you want to do, and your roommate(s). To suit you and your roommate’s lodging taste and needs, you can go apartment hunting.


Living off-campus enables you to live alone or with the company of others. You will have your own privacy and can control it in any way you want. You can lock windows, doors, set security cameras, go to common areas, and more.


Living alone brings the feeling of independence. You will have a sense of adulthood and develop yourself into a fully adult individual. As you live solo, you will not depend on others and have things managed by yourself.


As compared to on-campus accommodation, staying outside of campus is much cheaper if you find the right place. This will further lessen if you choose to live with a roommate.

Commuter programs

A lot of universities provide commuter programs for students living outside the campus. This is designed for socialization opportunities so that the commuters can still connect to the life inside of the campus.

The Cons

Could be far from school

An affordable place is often found far from campus. Meaning, your commute en route to school will take some of your time and may cost you more. You must manage your time well to be on time for class. If public transportation is not accessible, you will have to consider renting a car which will be more costly.

Greater responsibility

You will have to deal with a much greater responsibility when you live outside of campus. This includes setting up the internet, paying electricity and water bills, doing the laundry, and cooking your own meal. It may be an arduous task that will eat a lot of your time allotted for studying.

Missing the college experience

Out-of-campus lodging will make you miss that exciting once-in-a-lifetime college experience. Parties, hang-outs, social events, and such will be missed opportunities. But for others, it is not that important. They focus more on the bigger and much more important factors than this.

Now that we have given you the advantages and disadvantages of living off-campus, the decision is now in your hands.

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