In Russia, a majority of its international students live in dormitories. This is because not only are they cheaper than other types of accommodations, but they are also nearer institutions, making it a more convenient place to stay. 

However, if you don’t want to stay in dormitories, or if for some reason, your institution does not have its dormitory, there are other options for you, you can instead opt for private rentals in Russia. 

Read below to know more about renting in Australia. 

Types of Private Rentals in Russia

Rental apartment 

Rental apartments are the most common private rental in Russia. Compared to dormitories, they tend to be more expensive. However, it offers you more freedom in terms of its location, and the number of activities you want to do. For example, most dormitories have curfews and other rules that are not present in private apartments. 

Moreover, in case an apartment is too expensive for your budget, you have the option to stay in a shared apartment. Not only can it help you lessen your expenses, but having other housemates can help in dividing the tasks and chores of maintaining it. Plus, you get to meet new friends while in Russia. 

Renting a Bedsit or Room

If you want to check cheaper options, you can also rent a bedsit or a room. 

Bedsits are the same as studio apartments. A one-room place where the different functions of a house, including the bedroom, kitchen, and living room are put together. 

Renting a room is also a cheaper option than renting the whole apartment or a bedsit. 

Finding a Place

When finding a place to rent in Russia, the first thing you should do is ask your institution. Certain university departments can help direct you to places where you can look for your lodgings and give you advice on the procedures involved. 

You can also use the help of real estate agents, or realtors to help find you a place. 

Although you can directly look for your place, unless you have a better grasp of the Russian language, it is not advisable. 

About Rental Agreements

To make your stay in an accommodation official, you need to sign a rental agreement with the rental’s owner. 

If you use a real estate agent to look for a place, they will also be the ones in charge of preparing it. Usually, leases are prepared in two languages, Russian and English. This way, both property owner and tenant can read carefully the terms and conditions of renting before signing. 

In Moscow, the most common duration of an agreement is between 1 to 3 years. 

When it comes to the requirement, most landlords in Russia usually only ask for a copy of the tenant’s passport and visa. 

When it comes to the rent, the amount of your rent usually includes payment for some utilities, including water, heating, and management of the facilities. Meanwhile, other utilities in private rentals in Russia, including electricity, internet, and phone are paid separately by the tenant. 

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