From food and wine festivals, music festivals, to smaller community events, New Zealand makes sure it does not run out of fun. There are a lot of diverse festivals in New Zealand, but take note that as the pandemic arose, many of the festivals were affected.

Here are some of the fun festivals in New Zealand:

Oktoberfest Wellington

New Zealand’s largest Oktoberfest happens in Wellington, obviously, in October. Oktoberfest is a celebration of everything Bavarian: beers, bands, and brats. But the kiwis made sure to put their twist to it. Beers are available from German brewers and some of New Zealand’s finest putting twist on brews. It is an event of fun and high-spirited people, in celebration of their love of each other.

Rhythm and Alps

Rhythm and Alps is considered one of New Zealand’s best and biggest music fests usually celebrated to witness New Year’s eve together. This festival is a kind of activity that is fun to road trip to. You can find tons of world-class bands, DJs, and festival fans. Make the most out of this festival by camping and digging out your old rent from the attic.

Auckland International Buskers Festival

Auckland Buskers is another favorite and became a staple on the local festival scene. This festival highlights street performers, may it be local or international, making them perform on the stage. It does not limit to musicians but also enables other artists like acrobats, comedians, jugglers, contortionists, and many more to be given the spotlight.

Fringe Festival Wellington

Fringe Festival is the country’s longest-running festival which started in 1990. It is usually held for four weeks in late February and March which features over 1,100 local and international artists. Wellington, where the Fringe is held, becomes alive during the festival as various world premieres, shows, and venues are conducted throughout the city. In fact, this festival has won different awards and was voted as one of the 10 international “Must-Do in February Festivals” by National Geographic.

Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

One of the country’s most famous food festivals, the Hokitika Wildfood Festival, celebrates all things from the wild west coast. Prepare your mouth for action as you have a lot of wild foods to choose from, like marinated tuna, gourmet sausages, whitebait fritters, and even a traditional Maori hangi. If you want to try something new, you can opt for the iconic festival huhu grubs, duck heads, mountain oysters, scorpions, worms, and others.

Hokitika is mainly about trying something different. So put this on your bucket list and wait for the time when the Hokitika is just around the corner.

Besides its natural landscapes and educational system, New Zealand ensures that every individual, local or foreign, has equal opportunities and many chances to have fun.

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