Although STEM might be the surest route to get a good job and a steady future, English majors are highly popular in demand and find meaningful opportunities in a variety of professions. English is the 10th-largest major in the USA, according to College Factual, with over 40,000 graduates obtaining a degree in English each year.

If you like reading and writing, English can be a wonderful option for a major. You will require a critical mind and a curiosity for language complexities. English is extensive and multifaceted and you may be exploring much more than literary notions in writing and reading. The English study is sometimes bridged by areas of psychology, science and covers identity politics in areas such as gender, race, sexuality, religion, and class.

Strong communication and analytical abilities are at the heart of an English major, and capabilities in these areas can lead to so many job choices. A lot of companies need highly skilled writers, so English majors work for a broad variety of brands including education, business, technology, and many more.

Some of the graduates of English become teachers in K-12, or they can also become a teacher in college when they acquire an advanced degree. However, immersing into the academe and teaching is one alternative, and that most English major companies have careers in other organizations.

The following are some careers available for English majors:


English majors with good technical abilities are well-qualified for careers at publishing houses, including both traditional and online book publishers. Your internships, college writing center, and advanced writing classes can all help you gain experience in the publishing industry.

Technical Writing

Engineers aren’t necessarily the best writers, thus English majors with technical language proficiency are in high demand for their ability to explain difficult technical material in a way that a non-specialist reader can understand. Pairing an English major with a STEM minor or second major can be a winning combination in this area.

Library Science

A major in English at the undergraduate level is great practice for a graduate degree in library science. An English major can be a fantastic place to start if you want to work at a college or university library. You’ll also have to brush up on your technological skills, as library science necessitates a high level of information competence.

Freelance Writing

You might just be able to be your own boss if you have good writing skills and an entrepreneurial attitude. Some businesses use freelance writers on a contractual basis, and many websites and companies depend on content created by freelancers. It can be difficult to establish yourself as a freelancer, but as you acquire knowledge and skills, higher and improved jobs will come your way.


An English major is also a great prep for law school, and a bachelor’s degree can also progress to a legal job. An English major’s core strengths of research, writing, and communication are precisely the qualities required of a successful paralegal.

Public Relations

Since public relations is all about communication, it’s a perfect match for English majors. Everything from composing company newsletters to managing a corporation’s social media strategy falls under this category.

Grant Writer

Many people have brilliant ideas for producing better projects, but not everyone can communicate those ideas in a convincing manner that will gain the financing that is needed.

Lastly, remember that English majors have done exceptionally well in law school, medical school, and business school. Communication and reasoning skills are highly valued in all fields.

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