Safety is a primary concern among international students. Their welfare and security are crucial when studying overseas.

Now among the top study destinations in the globe, it’s important to know if Germany is safe. This concern about safety revolves not only in daily life but also within society. 

Many questions persist in students’ minds about Germany’s safety. Can I walk safely at night? Are authorities always available? Would I experience discrimination?

Here’s an insight to find out if Germany is safe for international students:

How Peaceful is Germany?

In 2020, Germany was the 16th most peaceful country according to the Global Peace Index. The Institute for Economics and Peace or IEP made this ranking among 163 territories in the world.

Out of 36 states in Europe, Germany was the 11th most peaceful state. In addition, Germany landed on the 20th spot for Societal Safety and Security. 

How Safe are International Students Against Racism and Discrimination?

On the university level, there are anti-discrimination offices in German universities. Every university also implements anti-discrimination policies to safeguard students.

On a national level, Germany has the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA). This agency provides support and protection to people who experienced discrimination.

Can Women Be Safe in Germany?

There are various agencies in Germany dedicated to supporting women. There’s the Center for Intersectional Justice and ADEFRA e. V., an Afro-German women’s movement.

The Frauenhauskoordinierung provides specialized counseling for women. They also seek to prevent any form of violence against women.

Is It Safe for LGBTQIA+ Students to Study in Germany?

LGBTQIA+ students can know their rights through the Handbook Germany. This lists all resources and rights of  LGBTQIA+ members in Germany.

The Lesbian and Gay Federation of Germany provides counseling and support to LGBTQIA+. There’s also the MANEO Berlin Anti-Violence Project. This initiative seeks to prevent violence against the LGBTQIA+. 

Does Germany Have Resources to Protect and Promote Physical and Mental Health?

There are psychological counseling centers in some German universities. These centers provide psychological evaluation and help students find a psychologist.

Germany also has the Federal Center for Health Education. There’s also the German AIDS Foundation that offers resources about HIV and AIDS.

Emergency Numbers

You must have the contact details of respective authorities to attend to your needs. This is one of the most critical things you shouldn’t forget while in Germany.

Here are some emergency numbers you must take note of:

Safety Tips

To help you get through an ordinary day safely, follow these safety tips:

Germany provides a safe space for international students. Find out how safe other study destinations are here at MSM Unify.

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