The chances of getting accepted into your chosen university, especially the top-ranked ones, may be difficult for some. This is because the competition is high, and university admission officers are careful when they assess applicants’ credentials before they are accepted into their institutions. Those credentials include: 

Many students believe that only getting a high score in their entrance exam is the only way to get into a university. Although this is true, there are other factors that may come into play as well. In fact, there are some strategies students can follow to increase their chances of getting accepted into their university of choice. 

Understand How the Institution Evaluates Its Applicants

This will entail research on the applicant’s part. Check how the institution of your choice picks its international student candidates through their website’s frequently asked questions. Most of the time, it includes the criteria they look for in their students. Another way to check is to look for testimonials from international students who studied in that particular university or if you know an alumnus or a current student from that school, ask them what the university looks for in its students. 

Write an Impressive Application Letter

University applications, graduate programs, and even special academic programs usually require its applicants to write an application letter stating their objectives for applying to a specific university and program, and the reason why they should be picked by them. 

Application letters can have a critical effect on the student’s application in a higher education program. In addition, this gives them the chance to stand out among other applications. To write a great letter, stick to the university’s writing limits, proofread and read it aloud to yourself and in front of teachers and friends, do not copy and try to make your own original, and be clear. 

Be Particular with Details

Create a checklist of all the university’s requirements for application and double-check everything, your letter, documents, and other application requirements before submitting them. This includes documents that you need to fill up. Double-check the details you have written.  

According to US News, one of the most common reasons students do not get accepted is because they are missing some application materials such as recommendation letters, test scores, and so on. 

Do Volunteer Work

Joining volunteer activities makes an applicant’s university application more appealing to admission officers. In fact, according to a survey among 264 admission leaders in the US, 58% believe community service has a positive impact on an applicant’s acceptance in higher education institutions. 

Volunteering develops individual practical skills and a broader perspective in life, something that cannot be taught in the academe. 

Learn a Foreign Language 

Students who know multiple languages have a better appreciation of other cultures, an important trait for someone who wants to study abroad.  

Moreover, learning a foreign language not only makes a student’s application attractive but also develops various skills. Students who study a foreign language improve their analytical skills, creativity, problem-solving especially with abstract concepts. Skills that are crucial in increasing their chances of getting picked not only in a university but also at work. 

Getting accepted into your chosen university needs a lot of hard work, and also, a bit of strategizing. Check out our other articles here at MSM Unify about university applications to learn more. To start, check out our article on Tips on How to Avoid Common Mistakes on College Application.

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