Do you want to stay closer to your university campus or do you prefer something more private? Would you mind sharing a space with a roommate or prefer being alone?

Whatever your preferences are, there’s always student accommodation that could meet them. Fortunately, there are many student lodging options in St. Petersburg to choose from.

Here’s a short guide to student accommodation in St. Petersburg:

University Dormitories

For international students, university dormitories are the most common option. These are extremely affordable and are even closer to the university campus.

As of writing, the cost of university dormitories can go up to 5,000 rubles ($68) every month. You even have the choice to pay every month or every academic term.

University dormitories are roughly the same across the city with a few unique features here and there. But you’ll be sure to find writing desks, closets, nightstands, and beds in all of them. Note that you would have to share one dorm room with another or three more students.


There are various types of apartments in St. Petersburg including communal flats and other standard homes. Rent in the city is among the most expensive in Russia, but it’s still among the most affordable in the world.

If you’ll be renting on your own, you can choose a one-bed flat inside or outside the city center. According to Numbeo, the monthly rent will cost you 25,442 to 39,961 rubles ($350 – $550)

Alternatively, you can choose a three-bed flat so you can invite other students to live with you. Just make sure to select your roommates wisely, otherwise, you’ll have a rough time with them.

In the city center, this will cost you 77,692 rubles ($1,069). But if you don’t mind being a bit far from the social scene, get a flat outside the city center instead. This will only cost you 48,047 ($661) every month

Note that some universities assist their students when looking for an apartment. Though usually, they aid more in arranging a homestay program for you, which is also a great lodging option.


A homestay program is a fantastic way to truly immerse yourself in Russian culture. Though it may not be the best setup for students who are conscious of their privacy.

While the cultural exchange is extremely valuable, this setup is also a challenge for most. For starters, not only do you have to follow the house rules, but you must also be aware of their culture and traditions. 

It’s also vital to strike a balance between being an extended family member and being a foreign guest. You should try to mingle and feel like you belong, but you shouldn’t overstep your boundaries.

Every student accommodation in St. Petersburg has features that make them right for certain students. What’s important is that you find the one that suits your needs, the lifestyle you want to develop, and your budget. If you want to see more lodging options in the country, see our guide to student accommodations in Russia here at MSM Unify.