Good grades are the best reward for an unwavering dedication to learn. But achieving an excellent academic record isn’t easy, especially when you’re miles away from home.

International students often struggle with studying due to a variety of reasons. These include anxiety, lack of time management, and extreme pressure.

Studying preferences are unique to each student and there isn’t one single strategy for every course. If you want to study effectively during your stay abroad, try out some of these tips to help you out:

Organize Your Study Materials and Resources

Organizing your materials and resources tricks your brain into action. The very act of organizing helps release tension and eases your mind into calmness.

There are many ways to organize your study materials, one of which is using stationery to store, label, and segregate your items.

If your resources are in your devices, you can start by filtering in each material based on the subject. You can also try deleting unnecessary files and creating folders to have quick access to PDFs and eBooks.

Establish a Study Schedule

Scheduling your study time isn’t fun but your grades will thank you in the future. Creating a study schedule helps you visualize your time and optimize it.

To establish a study schedule, start by categorizing your materials into subjects. From each subject, determine which lessons you must prepare for and highlight essential topics.

You can also make use of bookmarking materials to mark sections of your book. For example, you can use tabs to track important quotes or findings that you can use during class discussions.

Set Your Goals

Goal-setting is key to achieving real results. Setting your goals gives you a vision of what you want to attain with your studying efforts.

Start with small and specific goals. Maybe you’d want to get better scores on weekly quizzes or earn more points in your essays.

From these small goals, proceed to move to bigger ones once you’ve achieved them. Write down whether you want to obtain a 90% score on your major exams or achieve a certain GPA score.

Your goals would shape your studying experience. Make sure to set the right ones without pressuring yourself in the process.

Find a Conducive Study Environment

Finding a suitable study area is easier said than done. Having a conducive study environment is a different case for everyone, considering the differences in accommodation.

If you’re in a dorm or flat of your own, dedicate an area specifically for studying. You may need to choose an area away from your bed to avoid the temptation to take quick naps.

You can also join group studies or stay for some time at a cafe. This is a great alternative, especially for students who don’t have their private zones.

International students often struggle with effective studying. Fortunately, there are many strategies that could help them. For more study tips, flip through our stories here at MSM Unify.

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