Learning the culture and customs of a country is imperative before you travel. Not only is it helpful for you, but it’s also a form of courtesy and respect for the country and its people. 

New Zealand’s culture is unique. At times, you may find certain customs that are similar to your home country. But, there are also cultural specifics that you need to follow.

The good news is, Kiwis are very laid-back people. They’re chill and like to keep things cool and casual. You’ll find that interacting with them is the best way to learn about their culture.

But before you get there, read this guide to the Kiwi culture and customs first:

Kiwis Have Various Cultures

New Zealand is a small country but it’s a global giant when it comes to culture. Many foreigners have settled in the country, adding to its multi-cultural identity.

Most immigrants in New Zealand were from various regions in Europe. But what makes Kiwi culture more colorful are the minorities in the island country.

There are the native Māori people who are indigenous Polynesians on the mainland. There are also Africans and Asians who live across the country. 

Despite having diverse cultures, the Kiwis value fairness. This principle prevents cultural clashes that would lead to disturbance. 

Kiwis are Resourceful

There’s a story in New Zealand about a Kiwi bird. According to the Kiwis, the bird took a fencing wire and used it for various purposes.

The Kiwis integrate this amazing story of resourcefulness into their lives. In fact, they often pride themselves on the kind of resourcefulness they have.

The Kiwis could get through any situation through human ingenuity and quick thinking. They can optimize each resource they have to maximize its use. 

Kiwis are Kind and Polite

As mentioned, Kiwis are pretty chill, which makes them highly likable as people. But, despite their relaxed nature, politeness to them is a serious matter.

Everyone is treated equally in New Zealand. For example, in the workplace, there is often no organizational hierarchy. You’ll get respect regardless of your position in a company.

So if you look down at servers or people in lower positions, the Kiwis will think you’re rude. It’s important for you to be polite to everyone in New Zealand. 

Kiwis are Hospitable

Kiwis love inviting friends over their homes. They often serve them the finest meals during their visits.

With this in mind, Kiwis also expect the same treatment if you invite them to your place. Remember to remain gracious and polite while attending to your guests.

Kiwis Love Celebrations

No other people in the world love celebrations the way Kiwis do. Every festival and ceremony is a reason to party and have fun.

One famous holiday in New Zealand is the tip of the hat to the Māori people. There are other festivals in the country that you can attend and enjoy.

Kiwi culture and customs are unique and offer plenty of room for students to learn. Check out what else is in store for you here at MSM Unify.

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