Frequently Asked Questions for Agents & Institutions

Everything you need to know to start up your agency on MSM Unify
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MSM Unify was created to make processes simpler and easier. Our simple, two-step sign up process will only take you a few minutes. You can get started here.

Our current global and in-country office partners automatically get on MSM Unify free of cost. For new partners, we’ll be happy to talk with you and discuss the affordable and inclusive pricing we offer. Connect with us now.

Yes, there is a dedicated dashboard for agents to manage all student applications and information, and where we provide them the tools they need to run their recruitment activities more efficiently. MSM Unify also streamlines their communications with you on the portal and enables them to offer your programs to more students.

No, we have designed MSM Unify to be available to institutions and agencies across the globe.

We have strong ties with country partners who are experienced in running a business in specific student markets. They maintain a deep understanding of culture and knowledge, as well as a combination of global business knowledge and local strategy that works. By being part of our ecosystem, you can easily connect with these partners to help you navigate through new markets.

Yes. We have designed a strategy where we have separate teams in place to integrate into your systems. We can import and export your data. Make systems work hand in hand.

You can get onboarded with very minimal effort. We’ll help you through the process. Some of the things we’ll need from you are program details, start dates, descriptions, and fees, which you may provide in the form of spreadsheets that we can upload on a regular basis.

At this time, agents are completing an Agents Application form on the platform. They need to be able to demonstrate which institutions they are working for and then we verify with those institutions on their performance.

Every agent on MSM Unify goes through a due diligence process that mirrors that of other institutions’ processes. We’re very diligent with standard quality.

The versatile dashboard shows the latest updates on total, accepted, and rejected applications. For a more detailed status report, clicking ‘Application’ will take a user to the complete list of applications. Find the application in question and check its status under the ‘Status’ column.

Yes. Agents have their own version of this portal, where they can manage applications. However, they can’t change it once submitted, without approval from the institution and the student.

We want to keep your data and information as secure as possible. Once you’ve signed up on the platform, you can authorize users from your institution to access the account. You may also upload in any format necessary.

This platform has been conceptualized by people with 30 years of public institution experience, seeking to solve their problems and pain points in a simplified way. It is backed up by MSM’s marketing force and our due diligence in agent management.

We like to think of MSM Unify as a platform that is strong on  the due diligence aspect. Here you get both quality and exposure in a simplified and intuitive manner. We are proud of the transparency in this platform and the evaluation of agents done to ensure maximum results for institutions. This portal is inclusive and can be integrated into institutions’ own student information systems—empowering institutions to make their own decisions.

  • Earn more with automated processes and an expanded network of institutions you recruit for
  • Offer 1000+ program choices to your students
  • Manage student profiles on a single dashboard
  • Enjoy attractive commissions and exclusive perks

Designated learning institutions (DLIs) are approved and recognized institutions by the Canadian government to host international students. Check here if an institution is a designated institution. 

Please follow these steps to access MSM Unify:

  1. Sign up on MSM Unify via
  2. Complete the Agent Profile. 
  3. Upload the Business Certificate on MSM Unify in the document section.

Agents will have access to view the institution and program details but will not be able to represent the MSM Unify partner school until the due diligence process is complete.

Your versatile dashboard shows you the latest updates on your due diligence process. MSM Unify makes sure that you are the first to know of your Agent Evaluation Form status, such as if it has been received, approved, or if additional documents are required.

Recruiting through MSM Unify gives you the convenience of a standardized application process. Under “Application,” choose a student and select the institution you wish to make an application for. There, you will find an automatically generated application form.

Your versatile dashboard shows you the latest updates on your total, accepted, and rejected applications. For a more detailed status report, clicking “Application” will take you to your complete list of applications. Find the application in question and check its status under the “Status” column.

By showing you the status of your students’ applications, you can determine whether the requirements have been fulfilled. You can only complete an application if the necessary information and documents have been uploaded through the portal. Through proper coordination with students, you can help bridge them to their target institution.

The policy for delay in payment varies from institution to institution. Please get in touch with the Support Team of the institution. 

The application fee is non- refundable.

Tuition fee refunds due to visa or study permit rejections depend on the intended institution of study. To find out more on refund policy, use MSM Unify to get in touch with an institution representative.

In the MSM Unify portal under the Students section, you will see a list of all students. Beside their name, you can find an option to edit their information.

Going to the “Application” section will show you the complete list of applications you have made on the portal. Clicking on a student’s application will give you the option to add, edit, or delete information or any uploaded documents. Only applications that have not been completed and submitted can be edited to avoid confusion from data inaccuracies.

Under the Eligibility Test of the MSM Unify portal, you can input a student’s grades and English proficiency test results to confirm if their scores meet their desired program’s requirements. You will also be given the option to browse programs and institutions where their grades would be qualified.

No. We do not make you a sub-agent, and agents will receive the full portion of their commissions. We do not charge any additional fees for our services, and our main role is just to streamline the process between agents, students, and institutions.

We have a growing pool of over 40 partner institutions. Agents who work with us can have access to these institutions and their programs. To partner with an institution, agents have to go through the due diligence process of each institution separately and MSM Unify will help in making this process happen on one platform.