In recent years, Russia has enjoyed hosting hundreds of thousands of international students in the country, with the majority of them coming from former Soviet members and Asia, notably China and India. However, despite that, and despite the country’s efforts to become more global after the Soviet Union fell, for many individuals, especially those from western countries, the country remains a mysterious place. 

If you want to study abroad and want to have a unique experience by going to the biggest and most often misunderstood country in the world, read this article to know what student life in Russia looks like. 

You Will Meet Hospitable People

Russians are hospitable people. They love inviting guests over to their house for a cup of tea. However, do not be fooled, because when they invite you for a cup of tea, you will also be welcomed with a table full of food, including homemade dishes. Thus, the rule is not to eat snacks before going to a Russian household. Also, do not refuse food when offered. 

Remember to bring gifts to your host as Russians also love giving and receiving gifts. When giving gifts, you can bring sweets, like a cake, candies, a bottle of wine, or chocolate for the children (if you are visiting a family with children). 

You Will Meet Longtime and Loyal Friends 

Friendships and loyalty to friends are important for Russians. There are a lot of sayings in Russian about friendship, such as “An old friend is better than two new ones,” and “If you don’t have 100 rubles, make sure you have 100 friends.” Thus, you can be sure that trust and loyalty are not merely words when it comes to Russian friendships. 

Moreover, if you are fortunate to become friends with Russian schoolmates, you are sure that those friendships can last a lifetime. 

According to a Top Universities article, friendship, especially in post-Soviet countries, is really important and is given a lot of significance in raising children. Also, famous works of literature in Russia and former Soviet countries emphasize loyalty between friends, while those who have ruined them are bad examples or people that should not be imitated in real life.

You Can Study in English

To encourage more foreign students to study in Russia, it is becoming more common for higher education institutions to offer study programs in English. In addition, if you will be studying in Russia’s cultural and business centers, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, there’s a big chance that people there can understand and speak English at a certain level. 

However, for the sake of assimilating easily and being able to understand and be understood by a bigger part of the population, it would be wise to learn as much Russian as you can. Also, locals would appreciate you greatly if they know you are making an effort to communicate well in Russia. 

Student life in Russia, just like in other countries, is almost the same, where you have to adjust to another culture. 

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