As college may have brought you a lot of stress, lack of motivation and interest should be avoided. It is no secret that studying is a boring task for the majority, but adding a little fun to it is not a bad idea.

When there are times that you doubt yourself on your educational path, find things that will make it enjoyable. This way, it won’t be boring and will make your study more productive than ever. Here are some fun ways to do to get past this phase:

Study with friends

Having someone with you to study lightens the mood. It brings joy while studying, from laughter at intervals and chilling in breaks together. If you have a topic that you’re confused about, ask them about it for you to learn more. Studying with friends is a two-way street, you learn from them, and they learn from you. Help them when they have questions. Support each other when someone needs help with homework. This way, you will master the lessons taught in your classroom and boost your learning speed.

The only downside here depends on you and your friends. If you get distracted and someone suggests watching a movie rather than studying, then you’re in a bad place. Keep your phase and focus on your priority, which is studying.

Turn it into a song

If you have an exam and you have a lot to memorize, turning it into a song is a great way to pick them up. It becomes much quicker to learn because of its rhymes. Find a catchy song and fit the information you need to memorize its lyrics. This way, when your test paper asks for it, it will be much easier to pour it into paper. It is probably one of the most basic techniques but it works.

Create flashcards

It may be quite old-fashion but flashcards are an easy and helpful tool in breaking down topics. Flashcards are designed for an organized way of learning tons of information. Pick out what you want to learn, develop questions, and write down the answers based on what you picked. A tip is to make it brief to be easily understood.

Record it

Reading after reading for exam preparation can be daunting. But one useful way to easily memorize things is by repeatedly listening to them. This is helpful when you need to memorize long notes. What you need to do is: take your notes, read them out loud, and record them. Play it continuously while picking up new ideas. A lot of students find this more convenient than reading a lot of things for hours.

Listen to music

Although it can be a distraction, listening to music is helpful for some. It helps students to concentrate and find inspiration in what they do. The best music while studying is those without lyrics. Find a good instrumental one that suits you well. It helps in improving memory as it uses both the right and left parts of the brain simultaneously.

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