Understanding the transportation system in Germany can be confusing. You don’t know where to go, who to ask, and how to get to your destination.

If you’re an international student, transportation knowledge is essential. You need tips to make your way through the buzzing cities of Germany.

Here are some transportation tips in Germany for international students:

Cycle Your Way Around the City

Not a big fan of public mass transport? Why not buy a bicycle in Germany and enjoy many eco-friendly trips?

Cycling is very popular among Germans, particularly among the youth and students. It’s the quickest way to slip through traffic without recording any carbon footprint. 

Having your own bicycle is a wise choice to travel in Germany. Most German cities have their own dedicated bike lanes and bicycle stands.

If you want to save money while getting around the city, cycling is a fantastic option. Consider getting one as soon as you land in Germany.

Split the Taxi Fare

Taxis are great transportation in Germany for the comfort and safety they provide. However, it may come as a shock that taxis in Germany are expensive. On average, the fare goes from €1.50 up to €3.50 per kilometer. 

If you do a quick calculation. taxis services will add up and will cost you more money in the long run. A great way to offset the high costs is to ride a taxi with your friends and split the fare.

You and your friends could arrange a meeting at a specific taxi stand to hail a taxi. If you have a roommate, ask them if they want to take the taxi with you.

Know Your Route Before Riding the Bus

There are timetables posted at every bus stop in Germany. Alternatively, you can download a public utility website to get info sheets.

Knowing your route is essential so you know what kind of ticket you need and how much it costs. Buses travel on a specific route, so it’s also vital to know which bus to ride. 

In a Rush? Take the Railway

If you’re traveling to another German, the railway is the fastest option. Railways in Germany are efficient and always on time.

To save on railway travel costs, you can book your ticket in advance. Tickets are available at railway stations and ticket machines. You can also get a ticket through the Deutsche Bahn website.

Railways are pretty expensive, so it’s not ideal for daily travel. However, it’s the best choice if you want to unwind in a different city. 

Start Car-Sharing to Save More

Car-sharing is a very popular transportation option among German students. The car owner usually offers vacant seats to other students. In exchange, they pool money to share on the cost of petrol.

If you happen to have a friend who owns a car, don’t forget to initiate this idea. This would be beneficial for you and the car owner as well. Win-win situation.

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