Enrolling in a Catholic college or university has a lot of benefits. With The Catholic Church having a long history of prioritizing academic excellence, especially in the tradition of the Jesuits, it comes to no surprise that some of the top universities in the United States have an affiliation with Catholicism. Below you will find some of the top Catholic universities in the USA.

College of the Holy Cross

The College of Holy Cross was founded by Jesuits in the mid-1800s and has a long tradition of academic and faith-based excellence. The school promotes missions, retreats, and research that benefit a large community, emphasizing the idea that Catholicism is “a love of God and love of neighbor.” The chapels at the campus offer a range of worship programs.

Boston College

Boston College is a public university in Boston, Massachusetts. The Jesuits founded Boston College in 1863, and it is now one of the oldest Jesuit universities in the United States, as well as the Jesuit university with the highest endowment. The school consistently ranks highly in national university rankings.

Siena College

Franciscan friars founded Siena College in 1937. Students can participate in various service excursions across the country and around the world, including Habitat for Humanity and Franciscan groups. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 14 to 1 and an average class size of 20, Siena College is highly considered a student-centered institution.

Fordham University

Fordham University is New York City’s only Jesuit university, welcoming students of all beliefs. The school provides resources and opportunities for worldwide outreach, campus ministry, religious/cultural studies, and service/social justice, all of which reflect the faith’s tradition. On and around the Fordham University campus, there are numerous chapels and worship venues.

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is a Jesuit university that emphasizes the development and education of the whole person. Students at Santa Clara University, both Catholic and non-Catholic, can participate in workshops, discussion groups, and service events to benefit themselves, their communities, and the global society.

Marquette University

“Excellence, faith, leadership, and service” are the four pillars of education at Marquette University, founded by the Jesuits in 1881. Students can participate in various service projects at the school, such as local outreach programs and worldwide mission trips.

University of Dallas

The University of Dallas, which was founded in the mid-20th century, demonstrates its Catholic heritage by offering degrees in religious studies and ministry, as well as worship and service options for the campus community. The University of Dallas excels in terms of financial aid, with nearly all students receiving substantial grants. Academically, the university has a student-to-faculty ratio of 13 to 1.

Stonehill College

Stonehill College, which was founded by the Holy Cross order, first opened its doors in 1948. The school provides a variety of volunteer activities, with a focus on service and outreach. Students can attend mass and other services on campus at the Chapel of Mary and Our Lady of Sorrows Chapels, as well as other chapels located throughout the residence halls.

University of Portland

The school was founded in the early 1900s and is linked with the Holy Cross order. The school is consistently ranked among the best western master’s universities, and it is highly praised for its affordability. The student-to-faculty ratio is 13 to 1; nursing, engineering, and business courses are all popular among undergraduates.

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