We all know that studying abroad can be a really fun and exciting experience, and one should make the most out of it. However, it does not mean doing even dangerous and risky activities while you’re in another country. As an international student, you can still enjoy your stay abroad while being aware of some dangers you might encounter there. 

Safety is a relative term. If people follow safety precautions and exercise their better judgment in every situation, they can be safe, even in dangerous places. On the other hand, even if you are staying in some of the safest places in the world, if you are not vigilant, there’s a small chance you might experience some unfortunate incident. 

When it comes to Russia, many people have this warped image of danger, especially for those who still associate it with the Soviet Union. Not only has the Soviet Union been gone for decades, but Russia has been more modern and global in recent years. 

Study in Russia, Russia’s official website for higher education for foreign students, has created a guideline that students can follow to stay safe while in the country. 

Protecting Yourself from Fraud and Scams

The internet, with all its benefits and convenience, is also one of the easiest mediums that scammers use to fool people so they can get important details such as bank details and other confidential information. Aside from the internet, one can also get scammed through phone, and by people pretending to be officials from the government or bank.

To protect yourself from these, here are some tips to follow: 

Public Places and Transportation Safety

When it comes to public places and transportation in big cities, petty crimes such as pickpocketing are quite normal. When using public transportation or roaming in a public place, follow these tips:


Other safety precautions in other situations include the following: 

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