After getting accepted into an Irish higher educational institution (HEI), one of the things international students should do is to prepare the things they need to pack for Ireland. Some people find this process easy, but for many others, it takes up a lot of their time. It is even harder if they do not have a checklist at hand, or are not sure what to expect in Ireland.

To help international students prepare, here’s a quick guide on what to pack for Ireland. 

Things to Consider

Before going to study abroad, one must have an idea of what to expect to prepare well. Below are some things to consider before going to Ireland.

Irish Weather 

Irish weather is on the mild side due to the country’s high latitude. Moreover, the amount of rain will depend on which part of Ireland students will stay. For example, international students who will stay on the east and southeast coasts of the country should expect to experience around 150 rainy days in a year, while those in the western part of the country may experience 225 rainy days in a year. 

During winter, the temperature in Ireland rarely falls below the freezing point. In summer, it is rare to experience a temperature that is higher than 30 degrees Celsius, but the usual is 16 degrees or below. 


Students who will study in the city center have better access to shopping centers, making it easier to shop for clothes and other stuff that they need. However, shopping in Ireland can be very expensive if you don’t know where to shop. Clothes such as coats can be very expensive.

However, there are some shops that sell second-hand clothes, which are cheaper than brand new ones. Before going abroad, it would be wise to check one’s accommodation or school’s vicinity if there are shops that offer affordable stuff for buyers.

Length of Your Stay

Last but not least is the length of the student’s stay in Ireland. Unlike students who will be staying for at least one year to four years, students who will only stay for one to two months do not have to bring clothes for different types of weather and climate. For example, if you will only stay in Ireland in summer, there’s no need to bring coats for winter. 

What to Pack 

Carry-on Luggage

Things you should include in your carry-on luggage are things that need to be handy at all times. Below are those things: 

Checked Luggage 

Remember this phrase when you pack: less is more. Also, depending on your ticket, many airlines have weight limits when it comes to stuff that passengers can bring. Moreover, below are some things you need to include in your checked luggage when you are preparing to pack for Ireland. 

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