Engineering integrates both science and arts to create state-of-the-art products. It also has different branches that professionals can specialize in.

Pursuing an engineering degree in Germany is a great choice. For one, the country has an unmatched quality of education. There are also better work opportunities for engineers in Germany.

If you dream of becoming an engineer but don’t know which area to specialize in, we can help. We have this short list of popular engineering courses in Germany to kickstart your journey:

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with chemical processes. This often involves chemical production and manufacturing of raw materials.

With a chemical engineering degree, you can work as Process Chemical Engineer, Chemist, Quality Assurance Officer, and Production Supervisor.

Here are some of the top German universities for Chemical engineering:

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a field that involves electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. This is a study that involves the use of equipment and devices to understand electrical power.

With electrical engineering, you can become an Aerospace Engineer, Controls Engineer, and Electrical Engineer.

The following universities offer electrical engineering programs. They’re also among the top German schools in the world:

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers design, build, supervise, and operate equipment related but not limited to construction projects. You can be a Site Engineer, CAD Technician, and Estimator with a civil engineering degree. 

Here’s a short list of universities where you can take a civil engineering program:

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is an elaborate discipline concerned with mechanical systems. This often involves manufacturing and analysis of engineering designs based on the principles of mathematics and physics.

If you want to become a mechanical engineer in the future, you can take your degree in these universities:

Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering deals with computer programming and database maintenance. It’s also concerned with troubleshooting hardware and software issues.

You can find work as a Software Engineer or Computer Science expert if you have this degree.

You can pursue a computer science engineering degree in any of the top universities below:

Studying engineering in Germany is a great choice for aspiring engineers. Read more of our articles here at MSM Unify to find more popular programs.

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