The UAE is a thriving study destination for international students. With highly recognized universities and top-notch education system, the UAE has tons to offer aspiring degree-holders.

We have listed the most in-demand degree courses for international students in the UAE:


Aside from studying human behaviors, students often choose psychology because it is a multifaceted discipline and there are many options in terms of finding work after graduation. If you want to get a psychology degree, you can find careers in clinical psychology, academe, marketing, and a lot more.

Universities that offer psychology as a program are:

Fashion Design

Dubai is becoming a hub for aspiring fashion designers and fashion influencers. To meet this, there are specialized institutes in Dubai that offer fashion designing courses, from the basics to the retail and technical levels.

A degree in fashion design is a great choice as the UAE is a creative hub where many fashion events take place. You will surely know more fashion techniques and styles that will greatly benefit you.

Various universities that offer this program include:


With the UAE gaining popularity in law, many students also pursue this course. Studying law will enable you to master legal research, and be knowledgeable about the different areas of law such as family law, criminal law, and basic knowledge of proceedings. You will learn a lot from professors who are lawyers, legal advisors or legal consultants.

Some universities that offer law are:

Commerce, Accounting, and Finance

This field is an up-and-coming program in the country due to the many opportunities available after study. Aspiring bankers, auditors, and accountants have a great chance in landing in the Emirates, Zomato, and Standard Chartered Bank, among others.

The best universities that perform well in this course are:

Computer Science Engineering

Aspiring to shape society through programming concepts, application developments or advancing innovations? Consider getting into a computer science program in the UAE. A diploma in this course will certainly help you land a job in Oracle, Dell, Microsoft, and more.

Short courses in cloud computing and Java are provided by these companies to help students further develop their skills and knowledge.

Universities specializing in this course are:

Other courses that are in-demand to international students include marketing, journalism, mass communication, and architecture/design. With this array of courses available for you to study, you will have a lot to choose from.

Studying in the UAE is a great opportunity for students looking for an excellent education with a quality sense of living. Check out more about UAE education by reading our other articles.

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