Harvard University is the oldest university in America, founded in 1636. It is no secret that it is one of the most popular educational institutions in the world because of its prestige and reputation.

Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is one of the private universities in the Ivy League. The University consists of 10 faculties, with the Harvard College being the oldest, and then followed by the Schools of Medicine, Divinity, Law, Dental Medicine, Arts and Science, Business, Liberal Arts and Professional Courses, Design, Education, Public Health, Government, and Engineering and Applied Sciences.

This well-performing educational provider has a 21,261 total number of students, 25% of which are international students.

Foreign students can easily inquire through the university’s international community that represents them, which is the Harvard International Office. This office guides international students who need help with scholarships, student visas, and other matters.

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate in Harvard is relatively low at only a 5% acceptance rate. This is due to the university’s admission of 2,015 out of 40,246 applicants, as per the Harvard admission statistics—only 11.8% of which comprises international students. Some popular courses taken by many of these students are in the fields of Biology, Humanities, and Social Science.

Scholarships in Harvard for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

Financial Aid

Eligible international students can apply for the university’s financial aid program, which grants 100% of the student’s needs.

Harvard chooses qualified students through this process:

This financial aid comes from different sources, such as Harvard endowment funds, alumni gifts, revenue from tuition, and federal and state grants.

Outside Awards

Outside awards are often granted by schools, organizations, parent’s employers, corporations, and others.

Solely intended for the use of education, such scholarships have to be reported to the university. Then, this will be merged to the amount of financial aid one will receive.

Graduate Scholarships

Financial Support for Ph.D. Students

Some departments in Harvard, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, for example, offer full financial support to full-time doctorate students. The scholarship not only shoulders tuition costs but also the foreign student’s basic living expenses and health insurance, everything for five years minimum.

This financial aid also includes stipends, assistantships, traineeships, teaching fellowships, and more.

Saul Zaentz Fellows Program

This fellowship program is perfect for students who want to enroll in Early Childhood Education in Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Master’s program or the Doctor of Education Leadership program. These courses help students become leaders in critical roles in the education sector.

Once granted this scholarship, you will be assessed according to your work experience (three to five years, voluntary or paid). You will be awarded a half-scholarship when accepted.

Fellows of this program are expected to attend mentoring and co-curricular activities. Even though the Saul Zaentz is a merit-based scholarship, preference also matters to give applicants who need scholarships the most.

A lot more graduate scholarships can be applied for according to nationality.

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