Everyone has their preferences. But there are courses that students find unbearable in general. And this is not to say that students can’t handle such subjects. While it may seem easy for you to comprehend maths, someone may find it stressful.

There is a list of the courses that are reputable for being the most torturous across college campuses. Consider yourself lucky if more courses you find are easier than usual.

These can be tough but hold on, they are not impossible. A lot of students excel in these classes with flying colors. This list should not scare you into taking any of the courses. What you need to do is exert time and effort into learning, and everything else will follow.

Below is a list of the most challenging courses for college students:

Organic Chemistry

This separates the aspiring doctors from the wannabes. This one’s tough as it requires hard work, commitment, and lots of memorization. Students will need to study an organic material’s properties, structures, and reactions.


Calculus will test your inner mathematician and patience. It is a nightmare for most students who do not like math. What makes this hard is its abstract and difficult concepts like limits, functions, integrals, and derivatives.

Quantum Mechanics / Physics

Many students find this course’s abstract aspects a tedious area to focus on. From theories like everything is composed of waves and not particles being applied to numbers, this one’s really tough. Physics is either you understood it completely or nothing.


Anatomy requires you to memorize tons of the parts of the human body and its processes. It is a tough task for those poor in memorizing, as complex as the human body.


If you think that linguistics is easy since it is only the study of different subjects, think again. There are a lot of languages in all parts of the world and you also have to analyze their form, context, and meaning. As linguistics gets higher, things will start to complicate.


Economics may seem an easy course but it is not. Others find it both challenging and boring. And boring courses make people zone out. It also involves numbers wherein you have to compute and analyze thoroughly.


Thermodynamics involves a lot of memorizing and also understanding the concepts in physics. You need to first fully grasp the basics of physics to be able to learn thermodynamics.


Math courses are hard in nature. But Statistics is something else. Aside from collecting, interpreting, analyzing data, you must also understand tons of charts, equations, and controlled experiments with numbers. Students find this both confusing and difficult to comprehend.

English Literature

If you’re not a fast reader, it is likely that readings will pile up quickly. Besides readings, you must also learn large quantities of material which is often in Old English. Then, you must write many long essays and dread many essay exams.

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