Understanding the social norms and etiquettes in a particular country is important in following the code of behavior of that society. If you are studying in the UK, you need to know even just a bit about British etiquette tips that will make you behave in the most proper way possible.

The UK is famous for its strict British etiquette code. Hence, tourists and students find it harder to behave in this country. But it is a need that you follow certain social norms for you not to avoid offending anybody.

To fully immerse and maximize the British experience, get to know some quick etiquette tips for you to get by: 


In the UK, you must remember two things: saying “thank you” and “please.” While it is common sense to be polite, it is much more prominent in this country. Good manners and behavior are highly appreciated by the British.


The Brits are so well-behaved that they are polite even when they are complaining about something. And they love to complain! Whether it is about overpriced food or bad weather, they will happily moan to you about it. However, when an actual problem arises such as poor service, they are not very good at complaining about it.


You will see many people falling in line in establishments and public transport, groceries, boutiques, train stations, and concerts. Brits form neat queues and wait for their turn. And you don’t want to offend someone when you squeeze in the middle of a queue.


The locals in the UK are good tippers. They even find it tough to know how much they should tip a server. But if you are saving money, you can check if the bill says, “service included”. This means that you have already paid for their excellent service.

Table manners

In the UK, you must eat at a relaxed pace. Chew slowly and appreciate the meal, and put down the cutlery between bites. Of course, do not talk when your mouth is full.


When you study in the UK, you must learn chivalry as they practice this ritually. You should hold the door open for a lady. And when someone enters a room, the other people should stand and greet the newcomer.


The Brits have a habit of apologizing. When you accidentally step on someone’s toe or bump into a passer-by, it is only natural that you apologize. But the Brits take this further, apologizing even if it’s not their fault in the first place. If you’re staying in the UK, learn to say sorry and ask for pardon even for little incidents.

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