One of the perks of being an international student is getting a lot of discounts. 

Studying abroad is not cheap. In fact, aside from your tuition fee and other school expenses (ex: books and notebooks) you also have to consider your regular expenses such as transportation, food, entertainment, rent, and utility bills. 

Compared to other countries in Europe, Russia offers students one of the most affordable options for international education. However, it does not mean you should splurge your money there. Since you’re still a student, saving as much money as you possibly can is a must. 

Read below to know how you can get discounts in Russia as an international student. 

Your Student ID Card Can Get You to Many Places

International students in Russia staying there for a long time and studying full-time at a state-accredited Russian university are eligible for significant ticket and travel discounts from various public transport including the following: 

For example, a one-month metro pass usually costs around RUB 2,570 in Moscow. However, students can avail of it for only RUB 405. Moreover, students only have to show their student ID (with other establishments also requiring their passports).  

When it comes to suburban trains, international students, as long as they can present their student ID Cards, can receive up to 50% discount on a single journey ticket, as long as it is within the same region, between September 1 to June 15, every year. 

Aside from public transports, students can also use their student ID cards when entering Russia’s museums. Students can avail discounted tickets (e.g. the Pushkin State Museum, which showcases some of the country’s fine arts) or even free passes (e.g. the Hermitage). In case you want to know if you can get discounts on some exhibits from Russia’s many museums, you can check out their official websites for more information. 

Moreover, every year in May, many cultural attractions in Russia offer special lectures, exhibits, workshops, concerts, and so on, and students can avail them for free. 

Apply for an International Student Identity Card 

Another way international students in Russia can access discounts is through the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The ISIC is an international card for international students recognized by many countries and academic institutions worldwide. In Russia, some of the benefits students can get that are useful for their studies are the following: 

Aside from those, students can also avail of discounts for public transport, international phone calls, entertainment (e.g. concerts and music festivals), shopping, eating at some restaurants, cafes, and so on. 

Students can usually apply for an ISIC online, or through ISIC’s official website. The only requirements they have to pass are their passport, proof of student status (student ID, report card), and proof of age. 

Getting discounts in Russia is easy if you have your student ID or ISIC. Aside from traveling, buying books, getting into the museum, and so on, you can also get discounts on some of the country’s best restaurants so you can eat Russia’s best food. Speaking of Russia’s cuisine, check out MSM Unify’s article on Must-Try Foods in Russia as an International Student

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