Want to study in Australia but haven’t decided on a program yet? You can start your search in the fields of education in the country.

Fields of education refer to the classification under which certain programs fall. Read on to learn more about the fields of education in Australia:

Agriculture and Environmental Science

With this field, students can broaden their knowledge of food production and security. They will learn practices not only on a local scale but also on a global one.

This field of study encompasses theories such as crop production and agricultural science. You may also encounter theories on forestry resource management, geology, and more.

Your course options for this field are VET courses, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs. Not a lot of people venture into this field, causing an employment deficit. This is great news for you since there is a high demand for graduates in this field.

Business Management and Commerce

The field of business management and commerce deals with the specifics of business education. Under this field, you’ll gain profound learning of business theories and practices. You’ll also improve your business acumen and skills.

Programs under this field concentrate on various areas of business. These include finance, human resource, marketing, accounting, and more.

You can study this field through VET courses, which focus on practical training. If you’re an upcoming college student, this is a great undergraduate program to pursue.

Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s, you can pursue a graduate degree at a business school. Australia is home to world-famous business schools so you won’t run out of options.


The field of engineering can be broken down into major concentrations. Students can study civil, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering.

Though broad in nature, engineering has a diverse set of specializations. These include manufacturing technology, software engineering, mechatronics, and many more.

Australia is one of the best places to earn an engineering degree. You’ll also have access to the country’s competitive job market. 

Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health

If you want to be an indispensable asset of Australian healthcare, this field is for you. In this area of study, you get to learn practices and knowledge designed to uphold health. 

You’ll study many theories including nursing, health informatics, nutrition and dietetics, and more. As with most of the fields in this list, you can take this through an undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate program. Alternatively, you can take a VET course.

Education and Training

Education and training in Australia are designed to foster budding educators. The course often includes early childhood learning and the major levels of education.

It’s common for early childhood learning to be taken as a VET course. But if you want to be a formal educator, take a full-time academic program.

Information and Technology

Australia also provides opportunities to accelerate your learning of Information Technology or IT. Under this field, you’ll learn programming languages and artificial intelligence to name a few. 

IT graduates often enjoy lucrative salaries upon getting their first jobs. You can enjoy this plus a high-quality education in Australia.

Now that you know the fields of education in Australia, you can narrow down your search to specific programs. Read our guide to understanding the Australian qualifications to know if you’re eligible to study in the country.