The United States provides one of the best training grounds for medical professionals. It’s no wonder that it’s a dream destination for many international students.

In the challenges of studying medicine, the complex subjects are only second to the costs. The price of attending medical school remains steep. And if you want to get the best education, you must be willing to shoulder the costs.

Before you start dreaming of medical practice, you must have a financial plan first. The US might be a desirable study destination, but it’s the premium costs that can leave a sour note in your student life.

To help you start your financial plan, here’s a look at the cost of studying medicine in the US:

Why Study Medicine in the US?

If the cost of studying medicine in the US is staggering, then why should foreign students study there? Won’t it be more practical to opt for a different study destination instead?

The answer lies in your ROI. Yes, medicine is a hefty investment in the US. But with plenty of career opportunities, you can get a job as soon as you graduate. With that, you can score a high-paying job to pay off your student loans and recover what you’ve spent on your medical education. 

The demand for physicians and doctors in the US is growing fast. From 2018 to 2028, there is an expected 7% increase in job demands for the medical sector.

Total Tuition Fees in Top Medical Schools in the US

To understand the total tuition fees you might spend, looking at top medical schools is a great benchmark. Note that the total tuition fees will be lower depending on your university. You may pay a much lower annual tuition at public medical schools.

As per QS Rankings in Medicine, the following universities deliver the best MD program. Below is a list of total tuition fees in each university:

UniversityTotal Tuition Fees
Stanford University$481,872
Harvard University$324,920
Yale University$251,896
Duke University$247,600
John Hopkins University$213,600
University of California, Los Angeles$187,064

Pre-Departure Costs

As an international student, there are various costs associated with studying medicine in the US. There are the student visa application costs plus expenses for an English language test.

For a US student visa, expect to spend around $160. English language test costs range from $180 to $250. You must also take a medical school admission test which goes from $315 and above.

Cost of Living in the US

Living in the US is not cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive countries to live in. But beyond the costs, you can enjoy a safe and high-quality life. Plus, if you have a scholarship, you won’t have to worry about the costs too much.

To cover both study and living expenses, a student must have at least $35,000 per year. 

The cost of studying medicine in the US is a hefty investment but a rewarding one. If you want to read more about medicine-related programs, browse through our resources here at MSM Unify.

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