On your way to starting an academic journey in the UK? If you’re pursuing higher education in the UK, there are plenty of things you must know about living there. You must curate university options plus an adventure itinerary to enjoy your stay. 

Apart from the basics, knowing what ordinary student life looks like is also vital. This knowledge will help you adjust and broaden your perspective on UK education.

In addition to quintessential academic tips, here are other things you must know:

Weather in the UK

The weather in the UK is at the extremes of unpredictability. You can expect to experience big weather changes in under a couple of hours. There may only be strong gale winds at noon, then drizzle by the next hour.

Fortunately, the weather in the UK is generally pleasant. The summer heat is as tolerable as the freezing cold in winter. The temperature in the summer ranges from 9–18°C. 

During winter, the average is 2–7°C, but it can drop down to zero. But you shouldn’t worry about freezing in the cold since most homes have a heating system.

Culture in the UK

The UK’s long cultural history offers something spectacular for everyone. Foreign students would enjoy its intriguing history and various forms of art.

To enjoy typical student life, you can jump from historical sites to restaurants that offer British foods. You can indulge in the frivolity of theater plays or enjoy a film at your local cinema.

With a ceaseless array of cultural activities to do, you need to be full-charged every day. You’ll never know when you’ll embark on the next adventure!

Nightlife in the UK

Want to know if you can still have fun at night? Once the sun seeps under dark clubs, the UK pulses with a lively spirit. If you’re one to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, the UK will seem like a paradise.

As soon as the clock chimes with nocturnal energy, party veterans go on a blast. You can visit pubs, music venues or party clubs in your university town. The best part is, most of these places offer student discounts, so you can party without gashing a hole in your pocket.

Holidays in the UK

If you prefer fun that rests on an explosion of colors and large crowds, you’ll enjoy the UK holidays. There’s St Patrick’s Day every 17th of March celebrated by Irish communities. There’s also the Glastonbury music festival every late June for festival-goers all over the world.

Holidays in the UK are the perfect excuse to travel and experience the best of the country. Make sure to create your own list of holidays you’d love to experience.

Sports in the UK

It’s necessary for international students to stay in shape while in the UK. Fortunately, your university campus might just have everything you need to stay healthy. No need to spend extra cash to stay fit!

Most UK universities have various sports facilities. In general, you can expect a gym, a swimming pool, and a track. You can also sign up for sports clubs on your campus to maintain your health and figure.

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