Nursing school can pose its set of unique challenges, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional enrolled in an RN to MSN, or RN to BSN program. Nursing students must commit to working diligently to remain on top of everything, given the amount of material to cover, the hours of studying required to understand it all, and learning to care for patients.

Fortunately, as a nursing student, it is very possible to balance out good academics and quality time with yourself, family, and friends. No matter what stage you’re in, you can make these habits a part of your routine to become a more efficient – and successful – nursing student

Here are five practical nursing school study techniques, backed up by scientific evidence. 

Divide your work into smaller components

You will find yourself in what appears to be like an abyssal amount of information if you start by tackling the subject all at once. Although flashcards can be useful, it would be more efficient to break down the information into more digestible chunks, so you wouldn’t struggle to make sense out of the topic.

In almost every nursing course, you can learn how to group your work into smaller components, from learning anatomy to understanding all eleven of the major body systems.

Use time management

First, divide each day into time blocks and then prioritize what’s the most important task for each block. For nursing students, schoolwork is the next chunk they should look forward to. Plan ahead of time and set aside enough study time each day.

Make a master calendar with your family so that everyone knows when you’re going to class, studying, and working. This will help them know your schedule, and remind you of any important events.

Study in groups

If you are a nursing student trying to understand comprehensive medical information, group studies are one of the activities that can be beneficial to you. Your classmates, who may have a better understanding of a subject, can help you explain something you might have not comprehended well at first.

Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and Zoom are just a few of the virtual group study tools available to online and socially distanced learners. Don’t forget to maximize your study time!


Nursing students are multi-tasking more than ever before. It’s easier to lose track of the digital noises around us. But, the truth is: nearly no one is particularly adept at multitasking. Instead, try to set your focus on one thing at a time. You’ll finish quicker if you concentrate on studying, giving you more time to catch up on social media and watch your favorite shows.

Be Proactive

Planning and staying on top of your schoolwork will save you time and prevent you from feeling rushed to finish everything before the end of a term. Also, take the initiative to ask your professors questions. If you learn about their expectations early on, you’ll be able to accomplish tasks right the first time.

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