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Your Recruitment Success

Is Our Success

We provide enabling tools and
resources to transform education,
one student at a time

Using MSM Unify is more than just automating your recruitment efforts

We offer thousands of study options to help agents find the best matches for their students while giving our partner institutions the chance to seamlessly market their on—campus and online programs.
From the initial demo through signup, all the way to upgrading your subscription to bigger and better things like a global/in-country office arrangement, we’re here to simplify your life.
“From allowing institutions to feed their programs and marketing media directly into our system to enabling agents to easily use them to find and sell programs, MSM Unify commits to being a partner for life every step of the way — and in a security—first manner, no less.”

Dan Feagan

Chief Technology Officer

How to Proceed with MSM Unify

Got Questions? Request a Demo

Meet Your MSM Unify Account Executive

This friendly representative will walk you through the portal and explore how it can work for your institution or agency. Our account executives can answer questions such as:
Our agency is quite small. Do we need you?
How much does it cost to use the platform?
What do I do to get onboarded?

Ready to Proceed? Time to Enter the Portal!

More Than Just a Platform

Sure, we’ve got AI fueling our features and functionalities. But we are first and foremost a business powered by people and strong professional relationships.
Working with MSM Unify gives you access to an international education provider present in 20 countries, acting as a global/in-country office for over 40 institutions, affiliated with at least 4,500 agents worldwide, and supported by a comprehensive back office support network and infrastructure.
That’s a whole lot of words — but we’ve got results to back it up.

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We designed MSM Unify to create a free marketplace with strong income potential for all stakeholders. We’ve also made it easy for you to get to the next level with our services.

Agents and institutions get FREE MSM Unify access for one year