COVID-19 Support for International Students: Are We Doing Enough?

COVID-19 Support for International Students:

COVID-19 has extended its stay globally, significantly impacting international student mobility for more than a year. Some regions still follow strict lockdowns, while others have laid down plans to welcome more international students once they have achieved their vaccination targets.

Pathways, Int’l Students in New Zealand post-COVID

Before COVID-19, there were an estimated 120,000 international students in New Zealand. When the pandemic hit, international students returned to their homes and the country closed its borders due to the strict health and travel restrictions.

How International Students Contribute to Ireland’s Economy

Europe has long established itself as one of the premier study destinations for international students. Among the top countries chosen by students are the UK, Germany, and France (1), mainly because most of the world’s top universities are found here.

Bringing the World Closer Through Education and Sports: An Olympics Special

The world has just witnessed and supported athletes from different countries in their respective sports, bringing honor to each nation represented. The 2020 Summer Olympics (Tokyo 2020), which was delayed for a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, finally pushed through last July 23. Concluding on Aug. 8, the Olympics was a beautiful pause amid the health crisis the world has been experiencing since 2020.