If you have been thinking of a career that has something to do with technology, making life easier, computers, and innovation, then you might consider taking a degree in Computer Science or IT. 

What is Computer Science and IT

Computer Science refers to anything that is related to computing and computers, including their theoretical and practical applications to things. Information technology (IT), on the other hand, is greatly related to computer science but has more focus on the design, development, and support of computer systems, software, and networks.

Despite the differences between these fields and the broad nature of disciplines related to them, it is not uncommon that some roles and responsibilities in the work environment overlap. For example, a test engineer requires both the knowledge and skills of IT or computer science professionals. When it comes to studying, both disciplines apply the principles of math and engineering

Why You Should Study Computer Science and IT

Tech is Now and the Future

We are currently living in an era where everything should be done more efficiently and quickly, and those things are easier with the right software, applications, and even types of machinery. 

Look around you, we are already being surrounded by technology, which is greatly influenced and furthered by IT and computer science. For example, the computer programs and the computer itself that you are using to study or work are developed by specialists from both fields.

The applications you are using to order food online, book a car, or even flights to travel, and the programs you are using to talk to family and friends who are physically far from you, computer science and IT made those things possible. Some innovations that have a strong connection with computer science, for example, is AI, which has, in the past, only the stuff of fiction movies and books. However, AI now has become more normal because of algorithms, data collection, and computing. 

When it comes to big names in multinational and big business, tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Tesla, Apple, Huawei, and so on are some of the first ones that come to mind. To explain how resilient and flexible these companies are, look at tech’s situation during the pandemic. Even during the pandemic, when many businesses experienced hardships, tech companies are able to thrive. 

In-Demand and High-Paying

Another reason why you should take computer science or IT degree is that it is in-demand and high-paying. According to Business Insider, some of the jobs that will probably be still in-demand and high paying in the coming decade include software developers, software analysts, and testers, computer and information systems managers, computer systems analysts, and information security analysts. Currently, graduates of any computer science or IT degree have a median pay of $77,200 to $126,830. 

Tech-Companies and Organizations Will Pay for Your Education 

Another reason why you should study Computer Science or IT is that there are a lot of scholarships you can apply for. Aside from the government and institutions, many tech companies, or organizations themselves allot funds to support students. These scholarships include scholarships from Microsoft, Google, IBM, Palantir, and so on. 

Has a Broad Reach

IT and Computer Science, as a discipline, is also not limited to just one industry. In fact, you can work in any industry if you have a computer science or IT background. Healthcare, for example, has benefited a lot when it comes to efficiency because of both disciplines. For example, computer science or IT graduates have the skills and knowledge to analyze clinical data, important in managing healthcare in general. 

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