Ireland is a picturesque country. In fact, it is nicknamed the “Emerald Isle” due to its lush green landscapes and countryside. Moreover, aside from its green countrysides, Ireland is also filled with a lot of unique places where international students can experience doing different activities during their free time. 

Weekends for international students are precious. In most cases, they’re the only days that students can relax and get away with their school worries. 

Here are some weekend activities international students can do during their stay in Ireland. 

Climb Ireland’s Mountains 

Ireland has a lot of mountains that international students can explore during their free time. Also, there are a lot of activities they can do when they visit the mountains. Those activities include trekking, trail running, cycling, and site-seeing. For those who are into more extreme activities, they can do rock and cliff climbing, caving, mountain biking, and so on. 

Some of the famous mountains you can explore near Ireland’s big cities are the following: 

Explore Ireland’s Countryside 

If you have plans to study in Ireland or are currently studying there, it is a must that you explore its countryside. Although its capital city, Dublin, has its own charms and is a famous place for travelers in Ireland, if you really want to get to the heart of Ireland’s culture, you can only find those in its countryside. 

Aside from its picturesque landscapes, the Irish countryside is also where you can still find traces of Ireland’s past, which is steeped in myth and religion. Aside from that, you can still see influences from its Celtic, Vikings, and even British pasts.

Do Picnic or Relax in its Parks 

Ireland’s counties each have their own parks that international students can visit during their free time. Aside from those, there are six National Parks that the state protects, including the preservation of its wildlife. 

Visiting Ireland’s parks is a great way for students to relax or exercise by walking, jogging, or cycling if they want to have some quiet time or exercise on their own or a place where they can go picnicking with friends. 

In Dublin, for example, they have St. Anne’s Park and Cabinteely Park. Both parks are perfect for long walks, where visitors can see each park’s wildflower meadows, small forests, and ponds. 

In Galway, they have Rinville Park, which has its own woodland trails, a small lake, and big meadows. 

Visit Ireland’s Museums and Other Historical Landmarks

Ireland is filled with museums and historical landmarks that showcase the country’s culture and history. Visiting them is a good way to learn more about your host country’s culture and history. Some worth visiting museums in Ireland include the following: 

While visiting other parts of Ireland for various weekend activities sounds fun, you may have to set aside some money to finance your trips. One way to save money and get a lot of discounts while traveling around Ireland is through an international student discount card. To learn more about it, check out MSM Unify’s article on Using Your International Student Discount Card for Studying, Leisure, and Travel.