An international student discount card can help you save money on school expenses as well as travel and leisure. If you’re studying abroad, here’s where and how you can use your discount card to get perks and benefits. 

Learning Materials

As an international student, you need to get a lot of books and supplies for your studies. While you may find it more convenient and easier to use your gadgets, having school supplies can help you keep important notes and lectures (just in case there’s an interruption in electric supply or your batteries drain during classes).

Depending on the country you’re planning to study in, bookstores and other school supplies stores offer their prices at a discounted price for students. You can also use your international student discount card to get stationery items and books for less than the retail value.

As long as your discount card is recognized and accepted by most bookshops, then you can definitely get learning materials at a lower cost.

Using Your International Student Discount Card for Studying, Leisure, and Travel


Technology products like gadgets, computer software, and apps can be extremely helpful to increase your productivity as a student.

Many big tech companies have authorized resellers in the world that offer significant discounts to students who will purchase their product. For example, if a student is planning to buy the latest Apple laptop, they can get it at a discounted price if they can present proof that they are currently enrolled in an institution.

Aside from gadgets, you can also use your discount card to subscribe to digital services and pay for the licensing fee of various software such as Microsoft Office 365. 


Saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your comfort in terms of clothing. Fashionable clothing pieces and accessories can be an expensive investment, especially if you’re studying in a major city in a well-developed country.

Fortunately, outlet stores from big brands like Adidas, American Apparel, and Topshop accept discount cards from students. On top of that, you can even enjoy bigger savings if you’re willing to wait for sales, and look out for special offers and coupons.

Depending on the student discount card that you have, you can enjoy shopping at selected stores that sell famous clothing brands.

Dining Out

One of the greatest experiences that you shouldn’t miss out on as a student is the chance to get a taste of the country’s finest dishes.

The best way to enjoy new food and excite your taste buds is to dine out with friends in local restaurants. But traditional dishes can be expensive especially when served with authentic ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

You can use your discount cards at select restaurants in the country to enjoy a fine meal without spending too much. This way, you can go home with a full tummy and a happy wallet.

Leisure and Travel

With all the academic pressure you face each day, you deserve a break. A good way to spend a free weekend or school holiday is by taking the time off to explore the beauty of your host country.

Exploration is a fundamental part of your growth as an international student. It’s also a wonderful memory to keep for life.

With your international student discount card, you can also save on things such as cinema tickets, shuttle services, and even domestic air flights. To save even more, you can also try visiting public museums and galleries to dive into the culture and history of the country.

Enjoying your stay in the host country shouldn’t take a toll on your pre-planned budget. Flip through our articles here on MSM Unify to find out what else discount cards can do for you.

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