If you think that schools in the US are expensive, you’re quite wrong. While many colleges offer quality education at a high cost, some provide free tuition. One example is the US military academies which offer free-of-charge learning, room, and board.

However, attending a military college can be a big commitment. With its application process being competitive, and the colleges very selective, being accepted into one is an opportunity of a lifetime. Once you are in, you are guaranteed a top-notch education and a fulfilling career experience.

Enrollment size in these academies is relatively small, according to the Department of Defense. The US Military Academy and US Naval Academy have 4,500 while the Merchant Marine Academy has 900.

Graduating into such a school is a great feat. Here is a list of the US military academies:

United States Military Academy

Located in West Point, New York, students aka cadets are provided a free and quality education as the Academy is fully funded by the Army. Upon graduation, the Army expects the cadets to have an active duty service obligation. Every July, about 1,300 cadets enter the Academy while 1,000 graduates. They are also awarded a bachelor of science degree. More importantly, graduates are commissioned as second lieutenant in the US Army.

United States Coast Guard Academy

The US Coast Guard Academy is located in New London, Connecticut, and is the smallest among the five military academies. Founded in 1876, the Academy has long been producing respected and committed cadets. Each cadet’s tuition in the Academy is being funded by the Coast Guard in exchange for active duty service for five years. With its small size, it also accepts a few students amounting to 300 cadets every summer, while 200 cadets exit.

United States Air Force Academy

This federal service academy is located in Colorado Spring, Colorado, and is more disciplined than the typical laid-back town. Cadets from the Air Force Academy have the chance to choose from 27 majors. The average class size in this academy is 19 students, with a student to faculty ratio of 8:1, which makes a student get more attention to learning.

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Also called USMMA or Kings Point, this academy trains officers for the country’s Merchant Marine and different military branches. Students in this academy are not called cadets but are called midshipmen. Midshipmen can expect to be trained in marine subjects like marine engineering, maritime law, international law, navigation, ship administration, and more.

United States Naval Academy

The US Naval Academy, also called Annapolis Academy, is a military academy based in Annapolis, Maryland. Founded in 1845, it is the second oldest US military academy. The Academy prepares young individuals to be commissioned for service in the US Navy and US Marine Corps after they graduate. The enrollment size in this academy is relatively high.

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