Want a taste of truly Asian cuisine? Malaysia’s exquisite delicacies may not come first to mind, but they’re the ones you wouldn’t forget.

Traditional Malaysian food can make up a scrumptious lunch, dinner, or dessert. As an international student, trying these dishes is like taking a bite into their history. You’ll taste the influence of the Chinese, Indonesian, and Indian in every bite.

Experience the ultimate Malaysian life with their mouth-watering cuisine. Here are some traditional Malaysian food you need to try today:

Nasi Kerabu

Most Asian countries have rice as a staple food. But have you ever seen blue rice before?

Nasi kerabu won’t only pique your interest but will tickle your taste buds too. Fried coconut and bean sprouts top the blue rice, as fermented fish sauce saturates the dish. 


While it looks similar to India’s famous curry, rendang is a whole different meal. Rendang is popular across all Malaysian regions but is usually served during festivities.

Rendang involves simmering pieces of meat, coconut milk, and spices in a cauldron. The savory smell of the evaporating liquid alone will make your mouth water!


If you’re in for some noodles, laksa is the best meal for you. Laksa’s warmth and spice will make you erupt in pure joy.

Laksa’s a very popular dish in Malaysia, now also getting fame in Thailand and China. This noodle soup comes in different variations too. You can have it with prawns, fish, or in curry form.


Satay is one of Malaysia’s best-grilled skewers. The type of meat used is either beef, pork, or chicken.

While believed to be of Thai origin, satay is still a traditional food for many Malaysians. You can also dip it in their famous and well-loved peanut sauce.

Kaya Toast

To start off your day, you can have a delicious kaya toast for breakfast. It may seem like a simple dish but it has a delectable taste.

Kaya toast includes toasts slathered in. coconut jam and butter. You can dip it into a warm cup of coffee or have it with a side of eggs.

Nasi Lemak

Not all nasi lemak are the same. Some come with vegetables and meat. Others with hard-boiled eggs and seafood.

Every region in Malaysia has a unique way of serving nasi lemak. This dish involves rice cooked in coconut milk with a variety of tasty sides. 

Apam Balik

If you have a palette made for pancakes, then you shouldn’t miss apam balik. This simple yet fantastic meal is a pancake lover’s dream come true.

Apam balik is a street food dessert loved by many locals. The surface is thick and fluffy, while the sides are crispy.


Sometimes the best things in life come packed using coconut fronds. Ketupat is a rice cake placed inside weaved coconut leaves. And it’s a dish you’ll definitely like.

Ketupat is one of Malaysia’s best side dishes. You can eat it with a nice serving of rendang.

Traditional Malaysian food is a vital part of Asian cuisine. To find more delectable dishes as an international student, read our stories here at MSM Unify.