Community colleges in the US are known for offering two-year programs including associate degrees that students can use to prepare for a bachelor’s degree or to improve one’s employment prospects. Community colleges also make it easier for students to transfer credits to another institution to earn a bachelor’s degree by partnering with them. In addition, community colleges also offer technical and vocational programs designed to prepare their graduates to begin working in their chosen fields as soon as they can. 

Although community colleges aim to serve their immediate community, it does not mean international students cannot benefit from them. In fact, community colleges are a good option for international students looking for a more affordable and flexible education in the US.

Using 18 metrics, including graduation earnings and cost, below are the top 10 community colleges in the US for 2020, according to WalletHub

1. State Technical College of Missouri 

Top 1 on the list is the State Technical College of Missouri. It offers 35 programs in emerging and traditional technologies. The institution prides itself on being a partner to more than 500 industry leaders in the country, which they also work within developing their curriculum. This makes it easier for the students to transition from the classroom to have a career outside the academy. 

The college also claims to have a 99% job placement rate due to its partnerships. 

2. Arkansas State University, Mountain Home (ASUMH)

ASUMH has been consistent in being a top institution in WalletHub’s community college ranking for the past three years. In 2018, the ASUMH ranked 1st and 2nd in both 2019 and 2020. The college offers programs in the Arts and Sciences, Business, Technology, and Health Sciences. 

3. College of San Mateo 

This college is located near Silicon Valley. Also, since it is in the Bay Area, the college’s student population also reflects the place’s diversity. The college’s curriculum includes a myriad of programs to serve its diverse student population including traditional programs, short and semester-length courses, and distance education. Moreover, unlike other community colleges, the College of San Mateo has a vibrant campus life through student clubs and other school activities. 

4. Northwest Iowa Community College (NCC)

Despite being a small community college in the state of Iowa, NCC proves to be one of the best in the US. In fact, it has already amassed a lot of awards from different awarding bodies. Aside from being WalletHub’s 4th best community college, NCC has also gotten an award for being number 1 in the nation’s electrical programs, and having the best graduation rate. In fact, the college claims that nearly 100% of its students get jobs. 

5. Northern Wyoming Community College District (NWCCD)

The NWCCD, which was established in 1948, offers various scholarships and financial aid to students and operates several campuses in the state of Wyoming. These campuses include Gillette College, Sheridan College in Sheridan, WY, and Sheridan College in Buffalo, WY. 

NWCCD also prides itself on having a program for everyone. For example, in Sheridan College, some of its programs include agriculture, welding technology, nursing, machine tool, and construction. 

Community colleges in the US may be an affordable option for many students. However, it does not mean that the quality of education in these institutions is less than four-year institutions.

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