Every international student undergoes a great lifestyle change once they study overseas. And it can be difficult to find the things you used to do or taste the food you used to love.

For our vegetarian and vegan friends out there, dining in St. Petersburg is both a challenge and a delight. Fortunately, you can find many vegan restaurants in St. Petersburg to sustain your healthy lifestyle.

Check out these amazing vegan restaurants and St. Petersburg and dine without guilt:


Botanika is an absolute star in the vegetarian scene in St. Petersburg, offering gluten-free, raw, and vegan meal options.

As one of the best-known places for vegetarian haute cuisines, Botanika offers a wide array of dishes. Here you can find starters such as pirozhkis and hummus. Then, you can feast on their main meals including Japanese food like sushi and Indian desserts.

Apart from the usual salads, you can also buy sweets such as oatmeal cookies and mia chia. Their combo meals are also worth looking into for a great mix of vegan dishes. 

RA Family

Nestled at the heart of St. Petersburg, RA Family offers a great selection of delicious vegan meals. They offer everything from rice bows, to Italian and Asian-inspired dishes and tasty beverages.

The place offers delivery services so you can order from the comfort of your own room. Just note that their website is in Russian, but you can use Google to translate the page to English.

Here, you can enjoy sugarless, gluten-free vegan meals that weren’t heated to preserve the vitamins. If you want to tag your friends along, you can easily reserve a table through their website.


If you want to experience the expulsion of aromatic Indian flavors in Russia, just take a trip to Kashmir. This restaurant offers plenty of vegan Indian dishes that will surely leave you wanting more.

You can try their amazing selection of rice dishes or gobble up a good bowl of salad. Their coffee selection is pretty extensive too so you’ll never run out of options.

You can also order food from them or schedule a reservation. The meals are super affordable too starting at $2 per dish.

Other Vegan Restaurants to See

Want to expand your vegan dining options while in St. Petersburg? See the list below to see more vegan restaurants:

Adapting to a different eating lifestyle, but fortunately for vegan students, they won’t worry much while in St. Petersburg. Help your non-vegan friends score some delicious meals too by looking at our list of must-try Russian food here at MSM Unify.