The pandemic has affected everyone all over the world, especially college students. Being in college at a time like this has made the experience all the more challenging for students.

While the vaccine is now available, U.S. experts have warned that it could still take some time to go back to a semblance of normalcy. Although some countries have returned to a face mask-free policy, other countries still have a long way to go.

If you are currently attending class during the COVID-19 or planning to take an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, here are some things to remember:

Maintain structure

At times like this, you have to stay in your phase. Your structure is important in daily life even if it has changed as compared to the pre-pandemic days. It does not have to be as great as what others are doing. Even if you give more time to yourself, as long as it is working well for you, it is completely fine.

After doing all your learning tasks online, give some time to rest. Get a good rest or sleep. Take proper care of yourself. Eat healthy food, stay fit, and keep a healthy lifestyle. This way, your routine will be maintained in the most functional way possible. 

Find your motivation

Finding motivation can be hard these days, especially if your classes are online. Physical learning is much more motivated compared to just staying in your home while studying. You have to not only attend all of your classes but also commit more time to study alone.

If you are not doing well in your classes, it is understandable, but we believe that you should rethink your strategies.

Try to create a study calendar. Arrange your schedule accordingly. Take some time to go over your modules and document all your assignments and deadlines.

In creating a study calendar, be realistic. Do not put things that you think you would not likely do into a schedule. Plan how and when you will study. Setting absurd expectations may only give you frustration. And now is not the time for that.

Moreover, there are extensive online resources that will benefit you. Write by hand when you are listening to a video lecture. Actively participate in class discussions for you to better understand the lesson.

Set up a workspace

Remote learning can be a big adjustment. If you are in your dorm, or at your own home, one way to stay organized is to set up your workspace.

In finding a space to study, make sure that it is quiet and away from all distractions. Keep it clean and uncluttered. Remember that it is crucial as it will set up your way to your goal.

Stay connected

Socializing might be one of the things you miss most at times like these. But it can be done even if your friends are far from you.

Staying connected to friends, even in an occasional physical or a virtual setup, is an important part of keeping you sane. In your class, find time to connect to them. Ask questions about a subject that you find difficult and learn from them virtually.

Lastly, take your time. Living in such a time is understandably tough, especially for students. Do not feel bad if you feel like you’re missing out a lot. If you feel anxious or depressed, talk to your school therapist or counselor to help you.

Studying in the midst of a pandemic can be challenging. But there are ways to help you ease out. MSM Unify provides tips for students like you.

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