Your first year as an international student in Canada is the most important one. It’s your stepping stone before diving into the depths of Canadian life and culture.

As a first-year student, there’s still a lot of exciting surprises that await you. On the same note, you’ll also experience challenges that are common to first-year students.

If you crave a memorable study experience, a bunch of tips can help you out. These bits of information can make your study journey a worthwhile one.

Once you land in Canada, try out these nine tips for first-year international students:

Befriend Locals

Your first year is a great year to get out of your comfort zone. When expanding your social circle, try befriending locals in your area. This is a great way to learn their culture better while honing your English skills.

Immerse in the Culture

Canada’s vibrant cultural history is one of its best selling points. Once you’re in the country, make your bucket list using our story on landmarks and attractions in Canada. All these places are perfect avenues for cultural learning.

Leverage University Resources

You won’t have to spend that much money on educational resources in Canada. Canadian universities often boast a vast resource of educational materials. Take advantage of the services and facilities you can use to improve your studies.

Practice Punctuality

Canadian’s value time and appreciate punctuality at certain events. For example, when you’re about to meet someone, make sure to arrive on time. Whether it’s a professional matter or a casual one, punctuality matters.

Get Health Insurance

The Canadian government doesn’t cover health insurance for international students. You have to arrange your own so you must select the best policy for you. We have a guide to getting health insurance in Canada that you can check out.

Discover Good Food

The ultimate Canadian trip won’t be complete without a taste of its finest cuisine. Take note of restaurants where they offer traditional Canadian food. You can also curate your own list of affordable meals that you wish to try.

Learn the Transportation System

While in Canada, you must know how to get around the city and other neighboring towns. Find out which transportation modes are best for casual errands such as buying groceries. Also, determine if you need to board a train to get to another city or will a bus do.

Find a Study Technique That Suits You

Lectures are long in Canada. With all the important hours on the clock, you must ensure every minute matters. Participate in class to get better academic standings by the end of the semester.

Open a Student Bank Account

Every international student needs a bank account to store their funds. You must find a bank that offers the best deals for international students. Check out our guide to banking in Canada to get started.

First-year international students in Canada often face challenges as well as surprises along the way. To make sure your time is worthwhile, follow these nine tips and more through our resources here at MSM Unify.

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