Eyeing Germany as your study destination? Chances are, you’ve already heard of the country’s tuition-free higher education before.

With that in mind, you may be curious about what use would a scholarship be in a free-tuition country? If the German government abolished tuition fees, is a scholarship still necessary?

The quick answer is yes. Taking a shot at a scholarship in Germany won’t go to waste. In fact, your effort may even bloom into greater benefits in the future.

Before applying for a scholarship in Germany, here are a couple of important (and fascinating) things to know:

Receiving a Scholarship Is Like Getting Extra Money

If you secured admission at a public German university, give yourself a pat on the back. Or better yet throw a remarkable party because your education won’t hurt financially.

Even at a private university, the tuition is still comparatively lower. This gives you the financial freedom to reallocate your funds for something else.

But, apart from tuition, you’ll also have to deal with a long list of expenses. There’s your accommodation rent, meals expenses, bills, transportation costs, and more. This is where a scholarship comes in handy.

Receiving a scholarship is like getting extra money. Though keep in mind, you must be wise with managing your scholarship money. Use it only for necessities or save it for later.

Most Scholarships Look at Academic Talent and Social Engagement

Most scholarships for international students are need-based. This is a type of scholarship where the grant depends on the student’s financial need.

In Germany, they grant scholarships based on your academic talent and social engagement. Scholarship sponsors look for students who have involvement in community volunteering. Good grades are an absolute plus. 

Drive and Determination Matter Most

In applying for scholarships, your drive and determination are your selling point. Apart from the previously mentioned criteria, you must also show that you deserve a scholarship. 

Having excellent academic abilities sure makes you an exceptional candidate. But it’s your Statement of Purpose or SOP that would seal the deal.

Scholarship sponsors look for students with unwavering motivation and passion to study. Your SOP can be highly personal, but that shouldn’t put you to ease. An SOP must still have a consistent structure and compelling story.

Public Funds Finance Most Scholarships

Scholarship sponsors are usually religious organizations or civil society associations. However, the scholarship funds they release are from public funds, not their own.

The role of these organizations is to select who will receive scholarships. Then, they distribute the funds to successful candidates. 

There’s Always a Scholarship for Your Program

Whether you’re taking a bachelor, master, or doctorate program, there’s always a scholarship for you. Germany’s generosity is truly unmatched in the world. 

You can even get a scholarship if you’re conducting independent research. Just search for the scholarship you need and you’ll find it.

Getting a scholarship in Germany is unlike many study destinations. Curious to learn more? You can discover answers to your questions here at MSM Unify.

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