Enrolling in a top-ranked dental school increases your chances of landing a well-paying job as a solo practitioner or even with partners. Dentist demand is predicted to grow considerably faster than the job market average, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, with standard compensation of $159,200 per year in 2019.

To practice dentistry, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in any related discipline, followed by a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD), and passing national and state exams. To become a dentist, a bachelor’s degree is most often followed by four years of study.

There are 64 universities in the United States that provide advanced degrees in dentistry. Below are some of the best dental schools with a good reputation, great facilities, and outstanding faculties.

Harvard University

Harvard University is frequently ranked as one of the best universities in the nation and the globe, and it also houses one of the best dental schools in the country. The Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) is located in Boston’s Longwood Medical Area, not on the university’s main campus.

As part of their training, HSDM students work with Harvard medical students, and they also get hands-on instruction at the Harvard Dental Center, which treats over 25,000 patients every year.

New York University

Every year, close to 400 DDS students finish their studies in New York University’s renowned College of Dentistry. Students study a variety of biological, behavioral, and clinical subjects. The curriculum emphasizes extensive clinical experience, and NYU takes pleasure in the diversity of its patient population. In all four years of their education, students acquire firsthand experience and collaborate closely with their medical group directors and teachers.

The dentistry school at NYU is the country’s largest, with over 10% of all American dentists receiving their education there. With almost 300,000 patient visits every year, the school’s scope and depth of options are tough to exceed.

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama’s Tuscaloosa campus is likely best recognized for its sporting programs, but the Birmingham campus is home to one of the greatest dentistry schools in the country. Every year, roughly 70 DMD students graduate from the UAB School of Dentistry. Students can participate in a wide array of research and clinical experiences as it is in connection with the UAB Health System.

General practice, clinical and community sciences, endodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry, periodontology, and restorative sciences are the eight dental specializations available at UAB.


Every year, UCLA School of Dentistry produces about 100 DDS students, and the university is proud of the number of alumni who go on to pursue postgraduate studies or higher degrees in oral biology. In their second year of dentistry school, UCLA dental students start work with patients. Rotations to a variety of specialty and community clinics are included in the clinical experience. Because of UCLA’s urban setting, dental students have access to a variety of hands-on experiences in working with a lot of patients.

The University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Dental Medicine has been in operation since 1896 and is located on the main campus. Pitt, like the majority of the schools on this list, understands that medical education is not limited to the classroom. The WISER Center, with its simulation-based training facility, emphasizes community involvement and research, and dentistry students get hands-on experience onsite. As they improve their clinical abilities, Pitt Dental students also serve as patients for one another.

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