When learning a foreign language, most students would probably choose to learn famous European languages such as French, Spanish, German, and so on. In fact, many won’t probably think of learning Malay as a first choice. However, many students of language are missing a lot by not choosing to learn this language.

In the article, we will discuss why you should learn Malay.

Gateway to Southeast Asia 

Malaysia, also known as Bahasa Malaysia, may not be one of the top languages spoken by many people worldwide such as English, French, or Mandarin. 

However, since it is spoken by many places in Asia, learning Malay can be your gateway to one of many Asian countries. In fact, it is spoken by more than 50 million people native speakers, and 204 non-native speakers, with the majority of them living in Asia. Thus, if you want to communicate with many people in Asian countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and some parts of Thailand and the Philippines, then you should learn the language. 

Easy to Learn

If you are looking for an easy language to learn, then maybe learning Malay is for you. In fact, the language is easier than other famous languages that many students choose to study such as English, Mandarin, and French.

The language has no conjugations, plural, verb tenses, and gender. In fact, students can pick the language up in less than a year, especially when staying in a Malay-speaking country like Malaysia. 

Leading Economy in South-East Asia

Another reason why you should start learning Malay now is because of Malaysia’s growing economy. This means greater opportunity including working in Malaysia for those learning the language.

In fact, the World Bank predicted Malaysia’s economy to transition in the coming years. From being an upper-middle-income economy, Malaysia is poised to develop into a high-income economy by 2024. Also, in the past few decades, Malaysia reduced its poverty index and has become more prosperous. 

Moreover, Malay speakers have the chance to work in other prosperous countries in Asia that speak Malay such as Singapore. 

It is Malaysia’s Official Language 

If you are an international student in Malaysia, it will be easier to explore the country and move around if you learn Malay. Since Malay is the country’s official language, it is also the language used as its medium of instruction, aside from English. 

It Lessens the Chances of Getting Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Did you know that being bilingual also brings in some health benefits? 

Studies have shown that individuals who can maintain an active lifestyle on their physical, mental, and social engagement lessen the chance of getting brain-related diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. In fact, lifelong bilingualism protects people 

On the more practical side of learning Malay in Malaysia and other Malay-speaking countries, it is easier to access medical services if you know the official language of the country. 

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